You've Discovered Us (YDU)

Located in Vancouver, available worldwide.


(604) 283-4657


YDU is unlike other agencies who base strategy on model or process - we don’t have any, and that’s something we’re proud of. Technology today is fluid, your service providers need to be too. At our core, we experiment and master new software/services deciding which ones work best for our clients, then we implement.

We're a small team of digital marketing professionals who can act as your entire marketing arm, our complementary strengths support the 5 Pillars - Lead generation, Social media strategy, Email marketing, SEO/Google tools and Marketing automation.

If you don’t need full service yet or just want some help getting started with your mailchimp account - we can configure it any way you want. We'll even train your in-house team to use it, if required. You’re part of every step we take as we set up and initiate, and your team will receive the know-how to send email campaigns easily.

We're located in Vancouver, BC., Canada, and you'll also discover us worldwide.


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