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We implement successful email marketing strategies tailored to our customers. We design effective templates, setup campaigns and ensure highest ROI possible. With over 10 years of experience, you are in good hands.

We specialize in: * Template Design & Setup * Account Setup * MailChimp Training (Free) * Marketing Strategy * Full-Service Email Marketing

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- 06/03/2016

Alex and his team were able to quickly get us up and running on MailChimp. After the initial templates were designed they continued to be available for questions and went above and beyond to help us get our lists in manageable order. It was a pleasure working with WebFly and worth every penny!


- 05/14/2016

Very professional and thorough team. They went above and beyond to help us, and satisfy every request. From setting up an account, helping us migrate the list and history from Constant Contact to designing beautiful templates. They provided MailChimp training, so we're Chimp pros now.

I've recommended them to our partners, and they are very happy as well.

Thank you for all your help!


- 03/02/2016

Working with Alex and the WebFly team was absolutely great. They designed beautify templates, they made sure they work in mobile, tablet and desktops, and they provided 1-on-1 training via GoToMeeting (which was really cool).

Our members love our newsletter, and we've seen at least 300% increase in engagement comparing to the older setup. If you are looking to improve or kick-start your email marketing program, I highly recommend using WebFly.

Meghan Telpner

- 07/26/2013

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Alex and his team. We provided the design for the email and they turned it into an easy to use drag and drop template- even adding in their own best practice recommendations. With just one round of revisions and a very fast turnaround- we were ready to rock our new awesome email. I recommend WebFly without hesitation!

Vlad P

- 05/06/2013

If you ever need a company to create and manage effective email marketing, the feet on the ground the will do the work, and the executive management team who needs to understand, support, and control the effort, Web Fly is your company. While certainly an expert at email marketing tools and standards, rather than being stuck in concepts that only work on paper, people at WebFly are faster than anyone I know at acquiring the internal "Street smarts" of a company culture - leaning the local rules of the game, and using that pragmatism to deliver lightning-fast measurable results. I highly recommend WebFly.


- 04/25/2013

WebFly has played an important role in our email marketing efforts. From design, implementation, targeting and expert advice it has been a seamless and a pleasurable experience. Knowledgeable and skillful staff with results oriented advice!

Megan T

- 04/17/2013

WebFly has exceeded all of our expectations for generating effective e-mail marketing campaigns. We love working their managers, designers and writers, who come up with the most creative ways of showcasing our merchandise. Our decision to collaborate with this company has brought about amazing successes for our business!

Megan T

- 04/17/2013

WebFly has been instrumental in the success of our e-mail marketing campaigns. We love working with their designers, writers and managers, who always come up with effective and creative ways of showcasing our merchandise. The results have exceeded our expectations!

Stan R

- 04/11/2013

WebFly have been a tremendous help in increasing our revenues through the use of e-mail campaigns. There is no question about WebFly's ability to run a cost effective campaign via e mail blasts and turn prospects into customers!

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