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MailChimp Template Expert RIGHT HERE! I even do RSS & Responsive templates


Hello, I’m Brad!

I’ve established myself as the MailChimp “go to guy” for dozens of employers so you benefit from my vast experience creating HTML Email templates!

Are you looking for a versatile designer? I can create Email templates in a variety of styles and formats, including:

  • Basic templates
  • Newsletters / Magazine layouts
  • Blast Outs / Memos
  • Promotional / Marketing / Product Launch Email
  • Graphical flyer layouts
  • Responsive templates
  • RSS driven templates
  • Custom RSS Feeds

I can design you a template from scratch, including both layout and graphics, or I can take your existing design and convert it into a template - very useful if you’re a graphic designer looking for someone to take care of the coding!

My templates can be made fully editable by you or your client and are tested in major Email applications… Plus if the layout permits I can also make the template responsive!

Time-zone is not an issue as I’ve worked with partners from all around the world. Once I’ve obtained your template’s requirements my turnaround is usually 48 hours… or less!

I pretty much take care of everything so you can sit back and tell me when you’re happy with the template!

Need my credentials?

I am a web and graphic designer with around 10 years professional experience and THOUSANDS of hours experience designing websites and HTML Email templates. I have Skype and I’m a native English speaker.

I also have a portfolio website with testimonials and examples of my recent work. If you require further verification of my skills and experience please visit:


Don’t hesitate to message me right now if I can be of assistance!

PS. these profiles only show 6 templates examples at random but I can Email you more examples upon request.



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- 06/23/2017

Brad got recommended highly to me by a colleague. He is a Lifesaver:) Thank you very much Brad to make my life easier and being available all the time! I’ll highly recommend you to anyone in our office.


- 06/08/2017

Brad always does excellent work. Happy with the template he created. An expert in Mailchimp work!


- 04/27/2017

INCREDIBLE! After many hours trying to work out our image centering issue with the Mailchimp helpdesk, Brad was able to fix the issue in a very short amount of time - free of charge. He is friendly, fast and a pleasure to work with. 5 star service all around. Highly recommended.


- 04/27/2017

INCREDIBLE! After many hours trying to work out our image centering issue with Mailchimp helpdesk, Brad was able to fix the issue in a very short amount of time - free of charge. He is friendly, fast and a pleasure to work with. 5 star service all around. Highly recommended.


- 04/25/2017

The templates look really good, Brad! I love what you did with the first one we worked on, I've tested it out a few times to Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail and it displays beautifully. Thank you very much!

Your services are greatly appreciated and this is going to help my business's branding and reputation considerably in Wisconsin and the United States.

I’m sure I’m just going to have you on my Email speed dial down the road for making any changes as well or as my consultant going forward.

Thanks again Brad, you do GREAT work, it’s been a pleasure working with you!


- 04/20/2017

I highly recommend Brad for producing MailChimp templates. He was very responsive, did an awesome job and is very reasonably priced. I felt he went above and beyond, assisting to get the artwork in the right format to make sure we had the best possible outcome. I am amazed at how easy the template is to use and would not hesitate to use Brad again for any future requirements. Thanks Brad.


- 03/08/2017

Brad was amazing. After awarding another Freelancer this project and having a very bad experience, Brad came in and blew me away. He went above and beyond my requests and I was left with a great editable Layout for my MailChimp campaigns. I would recommend and will be using Brad again.


- 12/07/2015

Oh my god!! Brad you are a true genius!! Thank you SO SO MUCH. This has caused me the biggest headache in the world and you solved it so quickly without any problems. Everybody else was quoting ridiculous fees with no guarantee of completion, and you managed to do it instantly and so quickly. I’m literally lost for words - this will go such a long way in helping my business. Your integrity is unbeatable, you didn’t even ask me for any fees. I am literally bootstrapping my company as a recent graduate and I am so tight for money that I’ve had to borrow from friends and family - it goes such as long way when not everybody is trying to make money and is willing to simply help.


- 07/12/2015

Super fast responses, helpful tips to optimize our template ideas and fast delivery. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with, and would definitely recommend.


- 07/01/2015

Very pleased with our new templates. Easy and speedy communication, careful understanding of the brief and delivery of exactly what we wanted. Excellent value for money. Very happy to recommend.

Andrew Keogh CrimeLine Training Limited, United Kingdom


- 06/09/2015

Brad was very responsive to your needs and helped us with our templates converted from Bronto and Welcome Series. No trouble communicating with him from NY!


- 06/04/2015

“I wanted to thank Brad for the time and for the deep and insightful explanations, which I truly appreciated.”


- 04/30/2015

We were very happy with the services offered by WebDesignXP. The team was able to overcome the challlenge of building a drag and drop template into Mailchimp. We are really happy by the services, and we recommand without a doubts to everyone serious about expertise in Mailchimp


- 04/26/2015

Hi I am Pamela Burke of canwilldone.com. I live in the US, Somerset, NJ.

Brad worked on my RSS driven template. I am beyond pleased with his work. In fact, I told him that a few times during the time he worked on my template. What I liked most about Brad was how thorough he was. With the time difference we communicated a lot via email. He would spell out, step by step, a proposal, options, or what he would do. That made it very easy for me to ask relevant follow up questions. Brad also made sure to ask for feedback on what he had done thus far to make sure he was going in the right direction. I appreciated that. For anyone needing such services, I would highly recommend Brad. I cannot wait to set up the new template!!


- 04/06/2015

Everything looks great!


- 03/27/2015

Brad McGinniss, from Webdesignx, programmed a custom RSS for The GOODista (http://thegoodista.com) newsletter template - and worked tirelessly on satisfying my high expectations, and specific ideas. The outcome was more than I could have hoped for, and the new look is professional, RSS automated and very easy for me as a non-techie to use. I would highly recommend anyone - anywhere - to work with Brad as he is a proven expert in MailChip, WordPress and coding. Interactions with Brad are of high professional integrity, and I felt totally calm that he would deliver despite my complex request for a highly customised RSS template.


- 03/25/2015

As a skilled blogger of 8 years, I struggle to find designers and developers that are knowledgeable enough for my kinds of questions and issues, so to find Brad when I needed help me with MailChimp's RSS Auto Update campaign for my Wordpress blogs it was such a HUGE relief. I had contacted 5 other developers before choosing him. (Most of them did not get back to me, and two of them weren't positive they could find a quick solution.) I am so elated with him and his work. He was fast, efficient, clear and skilled. He was able to diagnosis the issues immediately and was very clear in describing the two possible solutions. He was also incredibly professional in his communication and asked permission before finalizing changes. He even sent me a link to an example of the result. For one blog, he ended up installing a Wordpress plugin I hadn't known about, and added a bit of code to both blogs's templates to fix the way the RSS shortcuts would line up multiple blog posts in one automated e-mail update. I look forward to using him for any future issues I will have with my RSS campaigns.


- 03/19/2015

When I began working with Brad it was the first time I had outsourced anything for my blog. I came to a point though where my tech knowledge was insufficient to create what I wanted, and that’s where Brad came in. Not only was he extremely professional and helpful, he also possessed expertise in the exact area I needed - RSS driven templates. Brad worked with me to design a template that I loved, and then did custom coding so that I could truly have an email template I believed would have the greatest impact on my business. I really believe that my new RSS template is going to help offer even more value for my readers and clients than I could have imagined.

Brad was able to easily and professionally navigate the various difficulties of my custom project, and was always extremely open to my feedback, ensuring I was happy with the result. His communication has been kind and always prompt. Without a doubt I would seek Brad out again for any future projects. "


- 02/25/2015

This was the first time we as a company had outsourced any kind of projects. Brad was both extremely knowledgeable and professional. We were able to complete these tasks in record time an also progress on future tasks. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs a helping hand through MailChimp and coding. Thanks Brad, looking forward to working with you again soon.

Sally B

- 02/22/2015

My web person couldn't get the opt-in box to display as we wanted it to. After weeks (really) of Brad patiently asking us for graphics and feedback, it is now perfect. He went above and beyond in even downloading a trial version of some software so that the code could be inserted properly. Also the cost stayed the same in spite of all the hassles. Thank you, thank you for keeping us accountable and never doubting that it would all work.


- 02/17/2015

Brad was excellent. After many hours of frustration reading help articles Brad came to the rescue. He simplified a complex issue and was flexible in his communication and tasks. Brad developed a seamless RSS feed email that "talked" to wordpress effectively to display images and was able to tell us more information that any other 'specialist' we had contact with. Thanks Brad


- 01/31/2015

Brad is great, easy to work with and very professional. I am already using him for another project. Communication is excellent and project delivered even faster than expected. Extremely professional, quick and easy to deal with.


- 01/29/2015

Brad is extremely professional and clearly a mail chimp ninja! I needed help with my lead pages integration and also to tweak my sign up page and he understood exactly what I was trying to do and very kindly helped me do it! I would recommend anyone who is have dramas with their mail chimp to get into contact with Brad as he is very good at what he does!!

Thanks Brad!


- 01/27/2015

Brad has designed two fantastic MailChimp templates for us. He has taken into account our existing online look, and created well styled and very usable templates. Brad understands that not everyone is a technically inclined and has provided great advice with regards to format / readability/ usability. He was also able to provide important statistical information with regards to our audience and the systems they might be using to read our broadcasts. He is flexible with his designs and has actively sought feedback throughout the design process. I thoroughly recommend him and will continue to work with him in the future.


- 01/25/2015

Brad was hugely helpful sharing with me what he knew and then contacting the necessary support personnel to figure out what could be done to the RSS images in my campaign. It was a complicated problem, and although the various experts did not have a solution to offer, Brad was timely, eloquent, and clear throughout the whole process. Thanks, Brad!


- 01/18/2015

Fantastic service! I had a chat with Brad about landing pages and email marketing and he was extremely professional and helpful! I wasn't entirely sure how to use the platform and Brad made it all extremely clear for me! I highly recommend getting in touch with him if you have any queries or questions regarding your mail chimp landing pages and email campaigns!


- 12/18/2014

I used Brad to put together an email marketing campaign through mailchimp. He knew exactly what I wanted and was very easy to deal with. The end result looks fantastic and I wish I had found Brad sooner. I wouldn't hesitate to used him for any similar services in the future. Great work Brad!


- 12/03/2014

I wanted to express my gladness for Brad's help (Your Web Expert). I was very helpfull in resolving some layouts' problem with our HTML Newsletter. It was our first mailing and he did great and was quit to react. I totally recommend him for Mailchimp work.

Many thanks again Brad!


- 11/04/2014

I enjoyed working with Brad (Your Web Expert) on a few projects. My first project was to create a new Mailchimp email template design. I wanted a clean, streamlined, modern look and that's exactly what I got. I've used the template many times since then and my overall marketing campaign is much better now.

I also worked with Brad to fix a few issues on my Wordpress website. He was able to not only fix them quickly, but also improved the functionality of some of the widgets that were broken.

I'm a happy, repeat customer and would recommend Brad for Mailchimp or Wordpress work.

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