Tribe Interactive

We help build sophisticated & personalized email campaigns to automate your ecommerce sales





Instead of sending the same ol’ boring promotional emails, we help ecommerce brands take your email marketing strategy to the next level. We do this by building personalized email campaigns, based on customer purchase activity and website activity.

Using the advanced marketing automation techniques and tools within MailChimp, you’ll have the ability to earn more revenue from your existing customers while giving them a much more personalized brand experience.

Our mission is to create a growth engine, that helps you improve open rates, click throughs, retention and increase revenue. In fact, our typical client receives at least an 80% boost in email marketing revenue within the first month alone.

We're not your typical marketing company that focuses getting users to the top of the funnel. We're infatuated with using data and research to make calculated improvements into the entire buyer's journey. Some call it growth hacking, some call it conversion optimization. Ultimately, we want to focus on helping you to keep your customers on your site longer, leaving less, and buying more products frequently.


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