The Right Software

The Right Software is MailChimp certified web and app software development company




Hire MailChimp certified software development company. Businesses and startups come from diverse backgrounds and IT is not a specialization for many. At The Right Software, we will listen to your idea/needs and make sure we deliver the final product in alignment with industry and organizational requirements.

The Right Software provide best email marketing solutions.

The Right Software create plugins for MailChimp for GigPress and more.

We have strong expertise with MailChimp API, MailChimp templates, Mandrill integration.

We have integrated MailChimp with Wordpress, WooCommerce, CodeIgniter, CRMs, iOS/Android and other custom applications.

Strong knowledge in PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Shopify, Mobile Apps and Java applications.

  • MailChimp API
  • Custom template creation
  • MailChimp Template Design
  • Dynamic email marketing creation
  • Member list creation with single optin and double optin
  • Mandrill for sending emails
  • MailChimp Wordpress Integration
  • MailChimp custom Plugins


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