The Image Shoppe

Web, email and new media professionals who put strategy first.


Email... your direct channel for engagement, and the most-used and valuable marketing channel on the web. If you aren’t currently running an email marketing program, NOW is the time to get moving.

But don't get lured into the fable that e-mail is easy. Without a professional to guide you through best practices, great template design and program execution, you could do more harm than good. There are dozens of major e-mail programs, pounds of spam filters, and federal laws protecting consumers. You need a trusted partner for maximum ROI. The Image Shoppe can help.

We’re web, email and new media professionals who know that design alone can't solve problems. We're process-driven and we put strategy first, followed closely by our passion and relevance. We can’t help it. Our work is tangled up in our purpose to serve our community, planet and company.

If you're looking for something better, contact us TODAY. Better marketing. Better communication. Better email marketing. And it all begins with establishing a process driven from strategy.


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