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Email marketing still works…if you know how to do it. Let us show you how and help you succeed


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Email marketing is part of your digital marketing arsenal. If you use it well you will get results…guaranteed.

We help you to design nice templates, build and segment your database, set up drip mailing campaigns, automate responses, set up testing and track and optimize your campaigns. That's pretty much the core of email marketing, but we also do parts depending on your requirements.

We are a team of nerds, media geeks and a few grey haired seasoned professionals whose moto is 'can do it' . Be it technology, design , copy , marketing, project management and analytics. We have worked with 200 plus clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses taking their 1st step spread across US,UK, Australia and Asia. So we understand both side of the spectrum. And hence clients love us for that. (check out what they say in our home page-

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- 03/07/2017

I engaged the grey parrots and PD for development of a Moodle/ecommerce site. After producing a non functional beta site (a jumbled WordPress Template) that was "finished" they requested more money to make fixes. We are out $8000 and were refused any refund. Difficult to deal with and a factory of excuses and reasons to charge more.

We do not know how their MailChimp expertise is, as we did not get to that point in the project.

If you deal with please make sure you have a very detailed proposal, as any loose ends will used as an excuse to charge more.

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