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Template Kings - the #1 MailChimp email template experts.

Template Kings design and build email templates for MailChimp. With over 10+ years experience and hindered of clients all over the world, we're the #1 go-to UK MailChimp experts!

EVERY template we build is...

  • Mobile responsive
  • Designed around your brand
  • Complete with MailChimp edit tags
  • 100% hand-coded
  • Fully customisable
  • Litmus tested in the top email clients & devices

ORDER ONLINE or call +44 (0)1793 677 511 to speak to the email experts.

Optional extras:

Variant Selectors

We’ll add variant selector tags into the code to allow you to have as close to drag’n’drop emails as possible with custom templates. Check this video for a demo.

Fast Track

We’ll design and build your email within 1 working day!

Extended support / usage training

We’ll jump on a call (or Skype) to run through the basics of how to use your new email template within MailChimp and answer any questions you have.

Animated GIF

We will turn your series of images into a fancy animated GIF.

Retina-Display Images

We will use double-size images to ensure you have nice clean and crisp images for mobile devices.

Logo Zoom or Animation

To make your emails POP we suggest adding animation. We will turn your logo (or other image) into a zooming treat for the eyes!

Helpful Code Comments

If you need to delve into the code but need some code comments to help you navigate around, we will add useful prompts for you so you can easily navigate to the right section.

Create a Custom Module

If you have a specific module you wish to include, or simply want to bolt on another module, select this option.

Extended Support

If you're a perfectionist and feel that once completed you are going to need some extra amendments and changes, simply bolt this option on and we'll continue to work on your email template.

ORDER ONLINE or call +44 (0)1793 677 511



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- 09/27/2016

A fantastic team of friendly and helpful experts.

Thanks to Mark, George, Jake and the team for producing two excellent MailChimp templates for us. We will certainly be using them again in the future. They were really responsive and helped us from start to finish, ensuring our mail campaign looks and feels professional.


- 09/01/2016

I required two templates creating and I am really happy with the result - very professional. The team were great and helped to talk me through the process. I would recommend and use them again.


- 07/29/2016

Had a relatively slow start with Mail Ninja but once the design got going they were great at implementing feedback to ensure you got the perfect design. Once the design had been implemented and uploaded the aftercare and advice was fabulous.


- 06/08/2016

Mailninjas have a great team of very patient experts who really want the best for thier clients. We'll keep working with them for a long time. Thank you Mail Ninjas!

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- 05/24/2016

MailBananas (MailNinja) carried out fantastic work on our newsletter template for Mail Chimp, There were a few revisions that needed doing and they completed the task in a very timely and professional manner. Would heartily recommend this company to anyone.


- 03/16/2016

The service is fast and reliable. Communication with the team is great. I would recommend choosing this company.


- 01/19/2016

REALLY great (and fast) service with fantastic after-sales support! As a MailChimp newbie, i didn't know how everything worked, but the guys at MailBananas helped me not only create a fantastic looking email that functioned well, but also called me to show me how it all worked.

I'd recommend choosing MailBananas every time!


- 01/16/2016

MailBananas (MailNinja) produced an amazing email for us. I've worked with them a few times now and every time I have been extremely impressed with the quality and friendly service. I'm a designer myself, however great email design is an art, and these guys really know their stuff!

I would recommend them to anyone.


- 01/15/2016

A hard working, and friendly team to work with. They really understood what we wanted a created a great looking email that even works on Outlook (shock)...

Highly recommended :)


- 01/14/2016

Great service! The designs we received were at a very high standard. These guys really are experts in their field.


- 12/29/2015

Didn't get to work with them. Doug was an arrogant jerk stating he didn't think my multi-million dollar annual turn over firm could afford his services.

Not a professional. I doubt an expert either.

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