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A constant curiosity for new opportunities led to Tanker to sending out our first HTML eNewsletter campaign in 2006 and we've been hooked ever since.

We realised that done right (through MailChimp) eNewsletters are an affordable, proactive option to promote your products or services to eager readers!

We have worked for clients in NZ, Australia, Asia, Europe and North America who range in size from small local start-ups to hefty international corporations.

When it comes to setting up accounts, developing and consulting on content strategy, creating Drag and Drop templates and managing campaigns, we'd dig the opportunity to jump onboard, so don't hesitate to give us a buzz or head over to our portfolio of MailChimp goodies after the jump.



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- 11/10/2017

Nicola was amazing - lovely to chat with, so responsive, and provided me with everything I needed, and more, to get going on Mailchimp! Highly highly recommended! Will be working with Nicola again whenever I need Mailchimp advice!

Terry and Carole

- 04/28/2017

Nicola was awesome, she listened to our brief, put together a plan to fit our needs, and delivered a flexible template that is easy for us to use. It has been successful bringing in outside help, to tidy up and streamline what we were already doing, and has increased our click rate. Next task to improve for us is our Lists, and now that we are confident Tanker are the team for the job, it will be them I will be contacting. Thank you!!!!


- 01/04/2017

Chrissy and Nicola are fantastic! Both were so easy to work with, and they created the perfect template for us!

Looking to reach out to a particular user segment, we needed a newsletter design that was fresh, and unique, but still maintained the core elements of our identity. With no idea how to start, we turned to Tanker Creative.

Tanker Creative researched our existing branding, shared their insights, folded in some new imagery, and made a beautiful, flexible template that even our most novice of users can use. We'll definitely be using them again. Thank you Tanker Creative!


- 12/17/2015

Nicola was amazing! She was very patient with our requests and always willing and happy to help resulting in our newsletter being designed exactly to our brief. Even once the project was completed she was a lifesaver by helping us iron out some last minute problems before sending our first email. Can't thank her enough!


- 10/20/2015

Nicola was lovely to work with, and helped us tons with content management as well as creative direction. She was also fantastic about small changes and going back and forth, producing exactly what we needed in great time.


- 10/14/2015

Nicola completely understood what we wanted from the get-go, and was also more than happy to offer her professional opinion wherever we needed it. An extremely switched on, creative young person who is also extremely easy to communicate with. She has now created an eNewsletter that we (and more importantly our customers) absolutely love. Will be recommending and will be back. Thanks, Nicola!


- 07/10/2015

Nicola is creative, communicative, and quite simply does excellent work. She immediately tapped into our vibe and character, and produced great content that totally fit the spirit of what we're already about. All this, at a fair price. You really can't ask for more. We'll be back.


- 06/16/2015

From the very beginning I felt very comfortable with Nicola and knew that I was working with a true professional! She is one in a million. Not only is she great at her job, but is also a great person. I would recommend Nicola to any of my clients.


- 04/09/2015

Nic is kooky (which we like!), a typically friendly kiwi, ultra knowledgeable and did a great job for us. She is seemingly available at all hours which was extremely handy when we wanted to get out our first 'new' campaign and importantly was also there for us to iron out glitches on our test campaigns - even at the 11th hour.

Overall then, we were mightily impressed by Nic's performance and would defo use her going forward for other projects outside of the chimp!

She doesn't seem to know much about cricket though, so there is always a downside.

Sharlene Ferguson from Focal Point Photos

- 06/18/2013

Tanker is passionate about getting results with Mail Chimp. I am always amazed with the positive results I have with Nicola Devine at Tanker driving my campaigns. I recommend Tanker 100%

Simon Devitt

- 06/18/2013

Its a funny thing, once you have something so good you wonder what you ever did without it! I love my Tanker (Mailchimp) newsletters. Nicola does a wonderful job anticipating my requirements and makes my life easy. I'm quite sure its her expertise and lovely manner AND Mailchimp chipping in to help her out. Love your work Nicola .... and Mailchimp : )


Tara Sullivan

- 06/18/2013

Nicola at Tanker has been my Mail Chimp human support and she is amazing at it. Our newsletters look great and we get fantastic feedback. She helps me organize my content and has a great understanding of what works to get people's attention. Her art choices are always spot-on and Nicola gets the newsletters rolling at the perfect time (not when I might have expected!).

Could not recommend anyone more highly! Tanker has driven my business to the next level, then the one after that.

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