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with the time it takes to consistently create an email newsletter?


your email newsletter looks unprofessional?

Sure, social media and websites are fantastic. But nothing replaces putting something directly in the inbox of someone who specifically asked you to reach out to them.

Email Newsletter Design & Setup

We offer email newsletter branding and setup on MailChimp. We’ll set your account up, create a professionally designed email newsletter template. All while keeping you out of trouble by filling out all the appropriate information you need to be legally compliant.

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Email Newsletter Management

Putting out an email newsletter on a consistent basis is essential to its success, but it can take a lot of time and effort! We can take care of that for you. We interview you each month, write your newsletter’s content, send it to you for approval, and schedule it to be sent to your subscribers.

Nervous about the investment?

All of our ongoing management services come with a money-back guarantee. If any month you’re not happy with our services, you can cancel immediately and get that month’s payment back. That even includes the first month.

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About T&S Online Marketing

Based in Oklahoma City, T&S Online Marketing offers web, social media and branding. This includes email campaign strategy, design and implementation, along with ongoing management of email newsletters.

T&S has been in the industry since 2003, and we see first-hand what approaches are effective for small businesses and nonprofits. We would love nothing more than to help your business grow. Contact us with any questions, or visit our office if you’re in the OKC metro area.



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- 08/03/2016

We've worked with T&S for a few years and have consistently been happy with their service. Their customer service is friendly and reliable, and they're open to explaining a technical situation with as much or as little detail as I want.

The T&S team makes sure our online presence is professional and helpful. They help us communicate the stories of our clients and our work with families in a moving, respectful way


- 08/03/2016

Having worked with T&S Online Marketing for several years, I've come to think of them as a company that can do anything. They know my organization so well, it was a no-brainer to ask them to create an email newsletter template when the time came. They produced a template that looked and felt like our website, and it raised the professional caliber of our outreach to our friends and donors. I would absolutely use them again, and in fact, will be contacting them soon about a website update.


- 07/20/2016

I’ve been using T&S Online Marketing for a few years now, and they’re the first ones I’ve dealt with that are entirely transparent and shoot straight with you from the start. If they think some method or marketing approach will waste your money, they’ll tell you. If they think you’re already spending enough on a particular element of your online marketing, they’ll tell you.

They seem to care more about my long-term success than they do about making sure they get all my money, which is refreshing. At the same time, my results from online marketing have steadily increased, and that’s really what it’s all about.


- 07/19/2016

The team at T&S is a delight to work with; not only are they a fun bunch of people but they all provide, at the highest level, ongoing support and customer service.

Mike Crandall

- 08/07/2013

We engaged the T&S team to help with our email newsletter over a year ago. When we started we used a different email newsletter service, which we did not like. Tim and his team introduced us to MailChimp shortly after and we decided to change.

Since switching we have been blown away by the help Tim and the team provide us. They make our lives super easy. Each month we provide a little information about what we would like in our newsletters and they take it from there. They design, build, organize, schedule and manage them for us. In addition they coordinate this with our social media campaigns and overall web presence.

We love working with them and the way they make it easy.

Highly recommend their service and working with them.

Thanx, Mike Crandall Sandler Training – Oklahoma www.customgrowth.sandler.com

Matt McNeil, ISA CAPP

- 07/23/2013

Tim and his crew are detail oriented, highly motivated, and incredibly well versed in all things Web related.

It was Tim who first introduced me to MailChimp, and who guided me on my first steps as I sent out my first MC campaign.

I have more than doubled my e-mail list since choosing MailChimp, and can now track all of my e-mails with MC's great features.

Thank you, Tim, for all that you do for me and my company! You're the best!

Best regards, Matt McNeil, ISA CAPP www.OkcEstateSales.com

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