We are Systemato and we have been email marketing wizards for a long time, for all kinds of clients.




We are Systemato and we are little wizards of email marketing.

We’ve set up, strategised, and written email newsletters for a long time, for all kinds of clients, from software companies, hosting services, designer furniture shops, real estate agencies, and online gaming and gambling firms.

Our team can take care of every single detail of your email marketing campaigns. All you need to do is provide us with your list of email addresses (which we will never divulge or share with anyone) and we’ll set up the platform, create a template which closely matches your existing website and brand design guidelines, write the content and handle send outs and reporting. Like we said, every detail, start to finish.

We can tie in the email marketing campaign we create for your organisation to your existing marketing calendar, or else you can leave it up to us to time the delivery.

If you prefer, we can also just write newsletters for you and send you the finished email so you can handle the rest.

We're in love with testing and as a general rule, we won't let opportunity to test something out and learn from the metrics pass us by.


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