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Being conversion & design orientated, our campaigns work. We've used Mailchimp for a long time, and we've got a large portfolio to prove it! We know what works and what doesn't, and can tailor campaigns and designs to meet your business need, and budget!

Form and Function

At Square Balloon we believe in going the extra mile for our clients. We're not satisfied with simply designing a beautiful email, we also want to make sure it converts.

That's why we invest a lot of time into researching new tips and techniques for improving conversions, as well as testing them in real life, and analysing the data that is returned.

An Obsession with Stats

We're not ashamed to say that we're geeks, we like data, and we WILL get excited by it; and we'll turn that in to tangible results. Don't let that scare you though, we're happy to talk in layman's terms about what we do, and provide each element of your business with the results as they need them.

Provided in an Easy Way

If the director just needs to know cost, revenue and profit that's what he or she will get. If the campaign manager needs more detailed analysis that's what he or she will get. If everyone wants to just leave it to us, that's fine too. We take pride in our work, and will aim to improve your business one email at a time with or without any major input from above.

Let's Get Started!

Contact Square Balloon today and see how we can help you, or ask us for a portfolio of our HTML email designs, or evidence of our previous successful work. For now, here's a quote that one of our kind clients supplied.

"Square Balloon are one of those companies that make you wonder how you ever managed before! Their dedication and commitment to your campaigns are second to none, they fully integrate marketing campaigns across all mediums to build a one-stop solution for your business. But it doesn't stop there, once the campaigns have gone they constantly monitor response rates to build a picture of your customers to tailor the next campaigns to better your ROI on every mailing. It goes without saying that their creative solutions are simply stunning and attention to detail is amazing." Jason Gray, Acorn Media UK

Contact Square Balloon today and see how we can help you



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- 01/15/2018

Square Balloon coded us two email templates and were on hand to advise us at every step of the way. Part way through the project we changed our team but Square Balloon were able to keep the project contingency to ensure the task was completed. They completed a very thorough testing program and supplied us with all of the evidence that this was completed. Would definitely recommend working with SB!


- 10/16/2015

We contacted Square Balloon with a pre-made design for our ecommerce email template. Square Balloon were on hand at every stage to guide us and advise best practices when converting the design to a mobile responsive email template. Throughout the build, Square Balloon were ever-ready to tweak the designs as much as was needed - even providing screenshots of the designs across multiple devices. Not only did Square Balloon build our email template, but they were also able to offer invaluable advice and insights into MailChimp functionality.


- 07/02/2015

We found Square Balloon via the MailChimp Experts Directory, and were very satisfied with the process from quote to delivery. Eoin was able to create a highly user-friendly and modular template based on our company's brand identity within a very short amount of time, and provided fixes and updates based on our initial feedback and experience. I would not hesitate to use Square Balloon again and would highly recommend them.


- 05/07/2015

I have worked with Square Balloon multiple times. I have found them very responsive and committed to excellence. They will ensure the work is done to the best of their ability. They are very thorough in testing and quality assurance. I would highly recommend Square Balloon to anyone that needs a MailChimp expert.


- 02/19/2015

I have found Square Balloon on the MailChimp Experts Directory while I was looking for someone to design an email template and am very happy with the service and product I received.

Eoin Oliver was very professional and thorough in his work, as well as honest which is a quality you do not find often these days. He asked for our feedback several times to make sure we were happy and responded promptly to any question we had or amendment we asked him to make.

I would definitely recommend this company and use them again in the future.


- 02/11/2015

We found Square Balloon on the MailChimp Experts Directory, and not only were they extremely helpful, but they designed us a fully editable template, that works well no matter who we email – even on mobiles.

Initially we had thought that we wouldn’t send out too many emails, but had a one off marketing exercise. The design Square Balloon created is so easy to use, and we’ve started sending out more emails than we had originally anticipated, with everything from corporate invites, through to news and update bulletins.

Thanks for all your hard work in creating our email identity, and thanks for all the advice you provided us.


- 08/22/2014

I was having some difficulty adding in more advanced features to my email template and so sought the help of one of the Mailchimp Experts. Square Balloon were fantastic from start to finish, understanding exactly what my needs were and finding the perfect solution to fulfil them. Square Balloon delivered an extremely creative and professional design and worked diligently throughout the course of the project. I was thoroughly impressed with their commitment and dedication to the job as well as their communication with myself during the process. I’d highly recommend their services for anyone looking for professional, experienced and effective designers.


- 07/10/2014

I contacted Square Balloon to get help with creating a simple email comms template. They delivered. But what struck me was their dedication to not just providing a simple template, but thinking a little more about what else they could do which would make it better, which would add more value, and which would deliver better results. I'm really delighted with the outcomes so far, and will continue to use Square Balloon to refine our marketing and communication campaign in the coming months.

They have been very responsive, and worked in a really collaborative way by engaging me in their thought and design process.

The after sales is also very impressive. I can pick up the phone and contact them for any advice and they are very patient, happy to deal with non techie people like myself and nothing seems to be too much trouble.

A special thank you to Eoin who has been incredibly helpful and supportive. Would absolutely recommend.

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