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MailChimp Training & Support for the small business owner

Small Biz Triage trains small business owners how to use email marketing to grow their business via unapologetically human emails backed by hard data.


We've got four full-time MailChimp email marketing experts on our team and have collectively sent thousands of successful email campaigns for hundreds of small business owners across dozens of industry niches in 14 countries.

Experience & Authority

In total, we directly manage 1M+ subscribers across 70+ small businesses at any one time. Our expertise with MailChimp has been featured by PR in your Pajamas, Yahoo! Small Business & Pitch Anything. And here's our LinkedIn Recommendations & Client/Project Showcase

What We Do

Training and Support in all things email with a core specialty in B2B sales emails, and B2C eCommerce store revenue generation:

  • get your subscribers to open click / reply / forward / buy
  • humanize & personalize your content with merge tags, custom segments
  • Get your emails out of the Gmail Promotions tab (or spam filter)
  • find & curate topics your audience will truly enjoy
  • identify & employ tactics for converting spectators into customers
  • warm cold email list (like the dreaded "clipboard sign-up list")
  • implement basic and highly-advanced workflows and automations
  • leverage A/B testing to discover what your subscribers really want
  • create high converting, branded to you drag-and-drop, re-usable, mobile friendly MailChimp templates
  • set up and configure static (Gravity Forms) and dynamic (Sumo) opt-in forms on your website platform
  • integrate and optimize your eCommerce platform with MailChimp (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce)
  • help you write better emails to help your business or organization grow, without getting all lame and spammy

How to Hire Us

Need some training to run email marketing for your business? Need someone to handle your email marketing for you? We have you covered on both fronts. Just Schedule a consult call with Corey or just email us

Training is typically conducted via one-on-one sessions (telephone + screenshare). Support can be delivered via weekly capped billing, bulk pre-purchased hours or recurring monthly. We don't do crazy contracts, and keep everything flexible and month-to-month. Rates range from $75-$85/hr depending on billing style. Flat fee packages also available starting at $495. Drill Down for Pricing or just schedule a 20-minute conversation with a real human - no charge.


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- 07/31/2017

Seth was incredibly helpful and his expertise was just what I needed to get mailchimp working with my landing pages. I had hit a roadblock and he walked me through the steps I should take to resolve the issue. Very clear and easy to understand guidance. Highly recommend and will definitely use again. Thanks Small Biz Triage!


- 04/25/2017

Valerie and team did a great job answering all of my questions and providing us with some really great advice on how to improve our marketing effectiveness! This was a great tool for us and they were great to work with. Thanks so much!


- 02/14/2017

As an indie comic book publisher, I'm 20% creator, 80% entrepreneur. I'm constantly forced to wear many hats I'm not even sure fit. When I realized I needed help managing my email lists and personalizing some press releases, I knew that was one hat I had no business wearing. After a lengthy search of Craig's list and many other sites, I finally found a web savvy team I felt understood my needs and budget constraints. Seth and Nate are patient, competent and a valuable asset to the growth of my enterprise.


- 02/08/2017

Small Biz Triage helped us navigate some gnarly challenges including a custom integration with Classy, opt-in forms for our WordPress site using Gravity Forms, personalized welcome emails, a slick drag and drop template and even SumoMe exit pops. They even handled our copywriting for press releases, influencer outreach emails and our landing pages.

What would have taken me weeks to figure out, Small Biz Triage knocked out in a day.


- 02/01/2017

Seth and Small Biz Triage know their stuff. You can count on them to get things done!


- 01/27/2017

We have been working with Seth and Small Biz Triage for about a year and in that year, our sales have increased over 15%. This is not all attributed to our email campaigns, but I believe alot. Our customers are more engaged and interested in what we are doing and I thank Seth for this as he keeps us organized and on task, keeping our emails flowing. His writing works very well for our audience and as the one working directly with him--he makes me laugh--which is always a very big plus. He has an excellent understanding of the way Mailchimp works as well as techniques for greatest opens and more. Working with SBT is well worth the investment.


- 01/16/2017

I'm a one woman shop and I can only do the basics in Mailchimp. Nevertheless, in 20 minutes, Seth helped me understand how to add a hidden field to my sign up forms, so I could track the page on which subscribers signed up for my newsletter and create an automation sequence dependent on the page. I didn't have time to work on what he taught me for two weeks, and in that time I lost track of all the handwritten notes I had. But he'd sent me two simple, but extremely clear emails that reminded me of everything I needed to know, and I was able to succesfully make the changes I needed, even without my notes. Most important to me, he did all this without making me feel like an idiot. He was friendly, knowledgable, and efficient without being brusque. If you're very small, very new, and very ignorant, these are the guys for you.


- 12/21/2016

We needed to train staff within our organization to use MailChimp. We decided to go through Small Biz Triage to conduct the training. We worked with Seth Rasmussen, whom developed 3 training sessions. Seth was professional, easy to work with, and patient through out the sessions as we had multiple questions and identified area's where we felt confused. I most likely will ask Seth to work with us on another set of training's for our staff in 2017.

I highly recommend Small Biz Triage.


- 10/06/2016

We selected MailChimp because a visual presence to augment our newsletter content was paramount to our company message. For four months we struggled with limitations and ongoing problems as to how the newsletter actually looked once our readers were viewing it. Our team had tried everything but my graphic designer, developer, and assistant, to name a few, all ran out of ideas. Out of desperation I web search for qualified MailChip help.

Quite frankly, given our small business, I was loath to walk into a lot of expenses we could not afford but Nate was listed specifically for businesses like ours. Not only did he help us solve our problems (oh my whew!) but Nate also inquired to MailChip central when even he was stumped - as in he goes the extra mile.

Six months later not only are we on track but Nate has made recommendations on what we can do to enhance our newsletter, as well as gather more readers. You know, he suggests the answers to the questions you don't know to ask because you don't know what's possible with MailChip that can help your company.

Nate's easy to work with and painfully honest to cutting through the crap. I really enjoy working with him. He does not bug me or pressure me whatsoever but does circle back to nudge me to keep improving the newsletter based on a plan he put together. Nice when as a sole founder you are juggling too much.

Lastly I have been wonderfully surprised at how low the costs are. It's great to know MailChip isn't one of those companies that tosses everyone in the same pot with a sorry but we don't care what your revenue is attitude.

Note: If you're a small visually sophisticated company, MailChimp along with the Small Biz Triage experts are the answer.

I highly recommend Small Biz Triage.


- 10/06/2016

As web designers we thought we knew a lot about MailChimp, but Nate and his team at Small Biz Triage know exponentially more. My eyes start to glaze over when I hear about a/b testing and conversion rates. Thankfully there are people like Nate who get fired up about results and analytics.

Small Biz Triage will always get our work. We build websites, but rely on Nate to drive traffic to the sites. He delivers every time. Quickly, and on-budget.

I appreciate his no nonsense approach. He gets straight to the point, and gives incredible value. He is completely transparent in everything he does. He loves to share his top marketing secrets, and train his clients to do what he does.

Incredible Knowledge + Fair Prices = The Value of Small Biz Triage


- 09/30/2016

Small Biz Triage was a game changer for our company. After too many failed attempts with various programmers and marketing experts, we weren't sure that our company would ever really take off. But then we stumbled across Small Biz Triage and everything changed. Nate & Seth and their associates help us to find the focus and direction we needed to gain serious momentum. From mailchimp campaigns and content marketing, to website & content feedback and design, to restructuring our business plan...Small Biz Triage has definitely been the missing piece we needed to bring everything together and begin promoting our company with confidence. I honestly don't know what we would do or where we would be without them compensating for our weaknesses and making our strengths look stronger. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!


- 09/30/2016

I have been working with the Small Biz Triage for about a year now. For 4 years i have run a online business and always had issues with mail-chimp. I finally decided to seek out expert help and found these guys. Not only did they get me up and running with 13,000 of my emails, They have helped me set up certain lists within mail chimp for certain classifications of my customer base. I also tell them what i want in a mailing, they develop the mailing and send it out for me. They are able to supply me with reports showing who has opened what, how my conversion is, and keep records of what works and what doesn't.

On top of mailchimp, I now use these guys for all my marketing needs. I dont know a whole lot about the inner-workings of this stuff, thats why i leave it to the professionals like these guys. A++++++ all the way!


- 09/30/2016

Nate was fantastic. Really appreciated his insights in helping us grow.


- 09/29/2016

Nate, Seth & David at Small Biz Triage helped me work a very cold email list. With a killer combo of smart writing, a/b testing, automation, analytics and landing page tweaks, they warmed up that list and started generating real interest in Help4Access. I pulled in 5-figures in new business within the first month! Hire these guys now.


- 09/29/2016

I have been working with Nate and Small Biz Triage for nine years on many different projects. These guys have helped us with everything from Mail Chimp, developing campaigns, building email lists, building websites, social media, etc...Nate and company are not only great at what they do, they really care about improving your business. They love this stuff! Perhaps even better, Nate has always taught me ways I can do the groundwork on improving our business. Those lessons might be the best value of all.


- 09/29/2016

Nate was amazingly helpful, incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. It would be a mistake to go with anyone else. Can't wait to work with him again!

Volunteers Around

- 03/22/2016

Seth was a great guy and a useful resource. He was able to lay out a complicated system effectively in a short amount of time. Definitely worth it.


- 02/13/2016

Womderful! Exactly what I was hoping for. Seth got immediately what it was I needed and proceeded to make it happen, efficiently, effectively and kindly! Willbe coming back for more help soon.


- 02/03/2016

I've been working with Nate for close to a year now on putting together a comprehensive marketing program to transform my business. As a photographer I needed my site to be attractive while also a functional and effective marketing vehicle. With Nate's help we've achieved that perfect balance with my WordPress site being the central hub. It's taken some time but now, with all the pieces in place and working together, I'm starting to see some great results. Recently, with just some easy minor tweaks Nate suggested, I've jumped into the top three Google search results and getting to the top position all of a sudden seems to be only a few steps away.

The great part about working with Nate is that he's just as much of a teacher as he is an expert. I've been able to learn a lot of the processes he's setup and build on their foundations. Everything from monthly newsletters to LinkedIn campaigns to lead generation funnels to automation, and more have been setup in a way I can manage and build upon. That saves me time and money. (Sorry, Nate!)

I'm looking forward to having my best year yet thanks to Nate and the Small Biz Triage team. I'm f*$@+$g fired up!


- 02/02/2016

Nate with Small Biz Triage was the best!!! I had been struggling with a pop up issue for a month and he had it fixed within the FREE 30 min. phone call. He could have easily stretched his services into a paid time frame, but he handled it quickly and he even went on to set things up for me because there was a few more minutes. I wish I had called him sooner! I definitely recommend Small Biz Triage! They're awesome! Thank you Nate!


- 10/19/2015

Nate with Small Biz Triage is a godsend. I wanted help with organizing my lists so I could do more targeted newsletters and other marketing. I needed to do it myself because only I know how to organize my contacts, and I really wanted to know how things work.

Nate is a patient teacher, but a speed demon when it comes to getting around Mailchimp. He really knows his stuff.

Not only did Nate show me brilliant ways to quickly organize all my contacts, he improved my website opt-in forms, suggested and installed widgets on my Wordpress site that added value, and more. I feel like I have an awesome resource i will turn to agin and again, and at a very good rate. I highly recommend Small Biz Triage.


- 09/12/2015

Nate was a pleasure to work with. We were having trouble connecting our WordPress website and plugins with MailChimp. Nate came to the rescue. He understood exactly what we needed and delivered above expectation. I appreciated his honest and helpful communication and look forward to working with him and Small Biz Triage again with other clients. Highly recommended!!!!! Thank you, Nate!


- 01/07/2015

Nate at Small Biz Triage has been a great experience for us. We went in knowing exactly what we needed and he delivered above and beyond our expectations. The ROI was excellent and we continue to use his services on an ongoing basis in several areas. I personally attend a fair amount of seminars and take quite a bit of classes to keep up with trends, learn new skills and stay ahead of the curve but I've learned a lot more in the few months I've worked with Nate than I have in maybe a years worth of courses and seminars. He's a fantastic coach and guide and someone that will absolutely have a positive impact on your business and your career. I refer very few people to my other clients and Nate is one of two people that I talk about who has had a dramatic impact and someone they should contact.


- 12/23/2014

I had a great experience with Small Biz Triage. Nate is a real expert and his help was precious. He's knowledgeable, he's got great ideas on how to improve Mailchimp's performance and he knows a lot about digital marketing in general. Highly recommended! A+++++


- 12/05/2014

Nate is a straight shooter with a whole lotta experience in the email marketing jungle. Like most people who work for a living, I've done a lot of emailing, so I thought I could do a pretty bang up job on my own with mailchimp. Before our first meeting, I spent some time creating a template and example email for Nate to review. I thought I had done a good job until he showed me what a REALLY good job looks like... then he helped me achieve that with my email.

My favorite part about working with Nate is his knack for understanding YOUR vision and YOUR voice, then streamlining it and creating content/strategies that retain it. He's not going to rip you apart (unless you ask him) and give you some kind of vanilla "proven technique" for you to use.

Rest assured that his advice and coaching won't water down the passion and uniqueness of you/your company. Rather, he'll teach you how to capture the full potential and strengths of what you do and turn them into results. Whether it's more sales, more interaction, more leads, he'll get you there and (even more importantly) teach you how to do it for yourself in the future!

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