Sitelicon Ecommerce Services

Ecommerce service provider specialised in providing solutions for online business development.



We are an ecommerce service provider with over 11 years experience, specialised in providing customised solutions for online business development.

At Sitelicon Ecommerce Services we define and execute online marketing action plans enabling our clients to reach and exceed their business targets.

Our methodology is based on a digital strategy covering traffic, conversion and loyalty. We follow Lean Startup methodology and agile development.

Our project diversity, the results and our customer feedback are testament to the quality of the services and expertise we provide. A key ingredient to our success is our diverse team, its experience, the pride and satisfaction we take in our work and the ability to establish strong working relationships with our customers.

As a whole we consider ourselves as more than a technology supplier, a reliable partner bringing value to your company in exceeding its targets through the internet channel.



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