Penguin E-Commerce

We help businesses setup MailChimp and connect MailChimp to E-Commerce stores.


Penguin E-Commerce works through management and training services that will get you kickstarted with MailChimp email marketing. We will work closely with you to either train you how to use the dashboard and send email campaigns, or we offer retainers to send out approved campaigns for you. We focus specifically on the powerful E-Commerce connection with MailChimp & WooCommerce, and also MailChimp & Shopify.

We help get your email marketing under control & manageable so you can stay top-of-mind with your customers through their inboxes.

What We Can Setup or Offer Training On: - Verifying Domain Names - Default Email Send From Setup - Branded Templates - Connected Sites (BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more) - Order Follow Up - Abandoned Cart Follow Up - General Announcement Templates - Branded Email Headers & Footers - Facebook Ad Campaigns - Instagram Ad Campaigns - Google Re-Targeting Ad Campaigns - Branded Landing Pages - Lists & Segments - Signup Forms - Website Popups - A&B Campaign Testing - E-Commerce Tracking - VIP Customer Recognition - Welcome New Customer Emails - Welcome New Subscriber Emails - Product Recommendation Templates - Re-engagement Campaigns - Reward Top Customer Emails



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