Sebassah Media

Dutch founded Media company. Fresh, original and creative ideas! Sebassah Media: Media and More!


Who are we?

Sebassah Media was founded in 2011. Since our opening we have been working for both national and international companies.

Creativity is the Key

We create creative concepts for both print and e-mail campaigns as well for live events and live entertainment. We work as for out of the box if we can, depending on our assignment.

Us and the Monkey

We have been successfully using MailChimp for various clients all over Europe. We are very happy with the campaigns MailChimp has handled for our clients and we look forward to more successful campaigns in the future.

We love to help

We love to help and that’s really all you can say about that. We believe in helping each other out helps us all to become better in what we love to do most: creating unique products, designs, and campaigns. Feel free to contact us anytime by [e-mail] ( or Twitter



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