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Salve! Digital is a full service digital communications agency focused on Performance Marketing.



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Salve! Digital is a performance marketing agency specialized in generating real results for our customers' business through digital marketing strategies. We turn email marketing into a powerful business-generating tool for your company using MailChimp and it's integrations (especially with WordPress). Any communication created by Save! Digital is guided by five principles: simplicity, individualization, objectivity, assertiveness and relevance. We plan all the emails that we're going to send, determine it's content, create it's layout, analyze the sending reports and use that information to make the next sendings (besides pratical test info, from Usability Tests and A/B Tests).

Every email marketing campaign developed by Salve! Digital begins with a careful business objective analysis and ROI definition to make sure weŕe persuing the right goal (whether in sales, lead generation or customer relationship), always optimizing our customer's investment and seeking the highest ROI.

All the email marketing campaign's activities are supervised by Ian Castro as Chief Creative Officer. Graduated in Communication at the Communication Faculty of Federal University of Bahia, Ian Castro has always been immersed in the world of digital marketing and is studying Specialization in Entrepreneurship: Launching an Innovative Business, at Maryland, College Park. Certified by Google Analytics, accumulates a more than 6 years experience advising on Digital Marketing.



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- 05/15/2015

The Salve! Digital not only developed my whole relationship strategy by e-mail, but do the graphic design and the contents of my marketing. They introduced me MailChimp, planned my e-mail CRM, created the first e-mails and gave me all I needed to continue my communication by e-mail effectively. I recommend Salve! Digital, are very competent professionals - true Experts.


- 05/15/2015

Salve! Digital did a great job planning my CRM strategy! For a long while, they planned and created all my e-mails on MailChimp, but the most important part of Salve! Digital’s job was the sending report analysis and the conversion rate optimization onsite.

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