Ray the Mailman

You give me banana, I give you email. Over 5 years of experience. Eep eep!

You need MailChimp or Mandrill stuff taken care of? Look no further! I'm an allround email marketing guy with years of Chimp Experience, up for any challenge in the field, in any part of the world!

This means I can help you with any of the following:

  • RSS Campaigns
  • Autoresponders
  • Merging and managing your MailChimp lists
  • Awesome (flexible and responsive) email template design and coding (hand crafted and hand tested)
  • Sign up forms and confirmation emails
  • MailChimp instruction
  • Mandrill advice and guidance
  • General email marketing advice and guidance

Even though anything is possible, I take nothing for granted. I can take on large assignments, but I can also do small jobs. Let me know what you need, and we'll draw up a plan. Working through time zones is no big deal: So far I've worked with clients in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Ukraine, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Uganda, South Africa, Hong Kong, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, India, France, Switzerland, Qatar, Italy, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates and The Netherlands.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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- 11/02/2017

Ray the Mailman is your guy!

  • Speed
  • Efficient
  • High quality

He is a true expert in mailchip, delivers what you need, for a fair price and very quick! He advises and thinks/ handles in customers perspective!

He is a keeper!


- 04/28/2016

WOW. We have been trying to get kinks worked out of a newsletter template through MailChimp help. We spent hours working with them with no success.

We contacted Ray, spent a brief amount of time on our requirements and were absolutely floored at the professional, amazing work he did.

We've had agencies design templates for us in the past that look and function only half as well as Ray's.

Ray delivered a great product, simplified training, and a guide to help us. In less than 45 minutes, he had walked us through using the template, provided useful tips and direction, and answered every question perfectly.

In all the years of using MailChimp, I wish I would have come across Ray before. He is amazing to work with.

Cannot say enough great things about him.


- 03/22/2016

I booked Ray for some training (over Skype) to help me better understand the possibilities of Mailchimp and to ensure we were setting it up in the right way for our business.

Ray was so incredibly helpful and we achieved a significant amount in just one hour.

He was supremely patient and calm throughout, gently guiding me in the right direction, particularly when I got a little lost!

I’m very glad to have found Ray and will be sure to recommend him to others who want to get better at Mailchimp!


- 08/12/2015

I was hoping for a basic coded version of the PSD file we supplied Ray but what we got was above and beyond our expectations. Not only did Ray deliver exactly what we wanted, but he made the template fully flexible, allowing us to really get the most out of one single template. Our client was delighted.

Ray is a very smart and lovely guy and I'm already lining up more projects to work on with him. He is a real find - I would recommend him to anyone. Outstanding!


- 08/12/2015

Great to work with from start to finish. Really pleased with our new MailChimp templates and achieved exactly what we wanted.


- 04/08/2015

Five stars. I needed a new HTML template for my newsletters across three websites. Ray built me one single flexible template that both saved us money and met our needs.

He's super responsive and very talented. I will definitely be calling on Ray's creative genius in the future.


- 10/14/2014

We needed some custom mailing work done and we got ahold of Ray. Ray was quick to catch on to what we needed and then dug in to get it done. He found a snag - and worked with the MailChimp folks to create a new and improved way to get done what we needed.

Ray not only knows what he's doing, he's great at helping those of us who are clueless to understand what needs to happen. And even better - he found a way to save us a bunch of bananas and probably cut off a third of what he could have charged us.

My only regret - that I can't hire him to do all our online work for us, not just MailChimp!

We'll turn to Ray again whenever we can.


- 03/05/2014

Ray brought a ray of sunshine to our baffling Mailchimp problem. Gmail was blocking our images and links in our broadcasted emails and we weren’t getting any answers. We were about to walk away from Mailchimp when a consultation with Ray the Mailman delivered the answers we needed. He gave us some valuable advice which set us back on the right path. This guy knows his stuff and is very pleasant to deal with.

Janine at PTPA Media

- 01/07/2014

We found Raymond on Twitter after he replied to a call-out and we're very glad he did! He was quick and helpful and thought of all the little nitty gritty details that helped turn our ideas of a newsletter into reality. He understood our wants, suggested useful improvements and was a great help at teaching us (with much patience and thoroughness) how to use the template he created. I was worried that him being in the Netherlands would be an issue since we're in Canada, but it worked out very well.

Thank you Raymond!

Anthony, Germany

- 12/20/2013

After struggling with Mail Chimp for a few months we made the decision to find somebody who could do it properly and produce good results - just finding that somebody who could understand what we wanted wasn't too easy! Ray caught my eye, we made contact and before we knew things were running like an express train, with excellent results!

  • Open/Click rates have increased significantly
  • Enquiry Rates have increased by 50%
  • Staggeringly - website traffic has doubled!!

So 50+ Emailshots later and a 17% increase in sales, I can say we're pretty satisfied.

Ray is an all-round good bloke, as well as an excellent Mail Chimper - you can delegate the work to him knowing that he will do it far better than yourself, while going out of his way to keep the schedule on track.

Thanks Ray.

Artemis Raw

- 12/19/2013

All these reviews helped me choose Ray for my project. And after working with him, I can echo almost every single review from my own experience.

I can't thank Ray enough for his help in setting up my subscribe form, templates and RSS feeds. He took the time to understand what I needed and what he delivered is of a very high standard. His understanding of best practice well surpassed my expectations and I'm so happy with the final outcome.

He's also a lovely guy and a delight to work with. I'm so relieved that I will never need to search for a Mailchimp expert again (I've tried a few in the past and been disappointed). I'll be going back to Ray every time.

Thanks again Ray, you rock!

Christiana, www.artemisraw.com


- 12/12/2013

All I can say is WOW. The templates he created for me where awesome. My team loves them and so do the customers. It is so much easier to create on the fly emails now and it all looks great.

Before it was all choppy and just looked homemade.

The MailMan was on time and super fast. Communication was easy and very professional. I had to google the cost of it because it was not in US dollars, but paypal handles all that so it was easy!

Highly Rec!!!

Clair O'Neill, Mubaloo

- 10/30/2013

Ray has been absolutely brilliant to work with and we really cannot recommend him enough!

Ray has been efficient, knowledgeable, patient, helpful, professional, a good communicator and extremely pleasant to deal with.

We are so pleased with our design and undoubtedly will be asking Ray to help us with future campaigns as and when we need them.

Ray went out of his way to help us make our email template as good as it can possibly be and I would recommend him to absolutely anyone for their email campaigns.

Thanks Ray!

Sasha T.

- 08/07/2013

Over the course of 5 months I had the pleasure to work with Ray on a series of email projects for my company. He is always available, always receptive, always knowledgeable, always prompt, always on deadline, and always gave us the best advice and quality of work. It is rare that I write a review without including the limitations of a contractor, but in this case there are no limitations to report. Ray can do it all, and even when he doesn't know the issue, he is so darn quick in finding out how to fix, change, or make it better. If you are browsing this site and looking for someone to work with, you would be foolish not to reach out to Ray and discuss your needs. Without hesitation this is a glowing review of a really great Mail Chimp expert who will make your life so easy by helping you implement whatever you need. I would highly recommend that you stop reading this and start emailing him....you will be very happy that you did! And one last thing: If you ever want to speak to me directly I would be happy to speak with you about my experience with Ray. Reach out to him and he can pass along my email. Best of luck to you.

Josh Nickell

- 06/26/2013

I found Ray through twitter and through this site. He was one of the few who reached out to me when I was looking for a designer. Ray easily exceeded my expectations. I was looking for an improvement in our newsletter, but I got a whole lot more.

We finished with a completely responsive newsletter that mimics our website very closely and helps to solidify our brand image.

In addition to the visual changes, he gave us some input in putting together the emails with tweaks like a read more button to drive customers to our website.

Overall, we have are reinforcing our brand image and most importantly increasing click-throughs from our newsletter. We also saw a drop in unsubscribes!


- 04/29/2013

I can't rave enough about Ray! l had a newsletter emergency and he came through for us with flying colors. With two weeks to go for site launch, we needed a newsletter design and an editable Mail Chimp template.

Ray understood the project right off the bat and had a fabulous newsletter designed and coded for us before deadline. Because it was crunch time, I would send him emails at odd hours and I would always get a speedy and detailed response. His mantra is "work first, payment later" and he went above and beyond the scope we had initially defined.

Even after completing the project he was always available to answer and questions and make fixes. I'll always go back to him for my MailChimp needs! Such a pleasure to work with such a talented professional!

Peter Lohmann

- 03/16/2013

Ray is a professional. He is quick to respond, courteous, and thoughtful. He helped me design a very snazzy-looking template for my real estate investing newsletter in no time at all. He even provided feedback on the 1st newsletter when it went out. All-around class act.

Ben Ziegler

- 03/08/2013

I hired Raymond to customize a Mailchimp/RSS campaign.

We worked closely together, via Skype.

Not only does he know the product, Mailchimp, I was also impressed by his communication skills. Two good attributes to have in any professional!

I recommend Raymond to anyone looking for timely and quality Mailchimp support.


- 03/08/2013

Raymond designed our templates to our specifications and then continued to support us if we ran into problems afterwards

Very professional, efficient and friendly!

Helen Davidson

- 02/21/2013

Ray has been super efficient, helpful and pleasant to this Mail Chimp novice. Oh, and very patient too - which makes a difference when you're starting off wit something that seems so technical and daunting.

I have every confidence that I can go back to Ray and request his help and that it will be given immediately and made understandable to me.

I highly recommend Ray for his knowledge and work ethic.

Marjet Smits

- 10/09/2012

Two years ago i tweeted; "Can someone help me, i want to start sending newsletters, but i don't have any experience with it". Within 5 minutes Raymond replied. And for that i still am very, very thankfull! Whenever i have a question, Raymond has the answer. Whenever i have an idea, Raymond helps me to realise it. He is a good critic, he doesn't accept minor quality. Not in his work, not in mine. There was never for one moment any doubt in my mind that Raymond is highly qualified. The positive feedback given by my newsletterreaders, like 'your newsletter has a very professional look' and 'your newsletters are very easy reading', prove his true craft.

But, for me above all: Raymond is always friendly! How crazy my question is, how late i send my copy, how many cut capers i make, Raymond never says anythong worse than 'Really, are you sure?' When he has asked me every thing he needs to know to realise my wish, he ends up with: 'Okay, it'll be fine!'

And he makes it fine! Do not ask me how, he just does it. Raymond makes my digital communication fine!


- 09/10/2012

we were looking for someone who just knew Mailchimp inside out and back to front - Raymond was the man we turned to.

He pulls out all the stops, awesome knowledge of all things mailchimp.

works with international companies / easy payment options.

Quality work and goes beyond the call to duty. will always use raymond for any of our mailchimp / email marketing projects.

Had hunted for months to find the right person...and here he was living in the Never Never Lands !

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