A team of startup veterans with heavyweight belts in growth hacking, content, and user engagement.


Toronto, ON



We eat punchy prose for breakfast. We make a protein shake out of code and grammar before heading out to bench press 300 pounds of your content woes.

Prologue is a Toronto-based creative content and digital marketing agency. We have over 10 years of experience growing startups, earning our scouts badges in everything from creating data-led strategies to producing written and visual content that actually work.

We specialize in:

  • Complete strategy solutions (and implementation, if you don't have the hands)
  • Custom email campaigns to increase engagement and sales (without being annoying)
  • Growth tactics based on your industry and individual needs
  • Online design and data visualization (take a look at one of our infographics!)
  • Copywriting that sound human (downright charming, actually)

If you need help reaching any of your marketing goals, we'd love to chat!


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