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Pixel2HTML – Email Template Experts

We are experts in crafting Email Templates based on HTML/CSS code. Just send us your Photoshop/Sketch/Illustrator design file and we will convert it into an Email Template that's compatible and editable with MailChimp.

We can do both Desktop & Responsive Email Templates so your users can get the best of your design in every device they read emails on.

Our code is always compatible with several email clients, we'll make sure your template looks good on:

  • MS Outlook 2007+
  • Outlook Express
  • Apple Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • AOL Webmail
  • Gmail.com and Outlook.com
  • iOS 8+
  • Android 5+

Need a design?

Don't worry, we have partnered up with a lot of design studios and freelancers who can provide you with design services. After you are done with this stage, we'll be happy to code your Email Template and deliver it to you in HTML/CSS.


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- 03/08/2015

This is a Response to Colin's Feedback on 02/11/2015:

Our replies were always within the day, the template was completed in time and manner, delivered to the client in a zip file (as we always do) and also loaded into his account for editing. The client presented no specifications at all on which parts of the template needed to be editable with MailChimps editor so we code it making it compatible as much as we could. We corrected all the issues we found and the template passed our Quality Assurance step in completion. We even have the tests screenshots from litmus. We don't think this feedback reflects at all the experience the user had and that we should have the right to reply to him to record this publicly in our profile.

We are confident of our team's capabilities and we have completed several Templates over the 4 years our company has been in business.

Bruno & The Pixel2HTML Team.


- 02/11/2015

Just a nightmare scenario. It took several back and forth emails to explain simple problems and overall they were very slow. They never corrected any of the issues with the templates and code. Please be aware and if you need something done with a high level of quality or quickly do NOT use Pixel2HTML.


- 02/09/2015

They were fast and accurate and the template worked well.


- 01/12/2015

Unfortunately, my experience with Pixel2HTML has turned out not to be very positive and I share this reluctantly because I really don't like to leave negative reviews unless it is absolutely necessary but I think other people could benefit from what happened to me.

Initially, I was very impressed with the service that Pixel2HTML provided me. I gave them a rough outline of a template that they coded and returned to me in a timely nature. Then, a couple weeks later (admittedly a bit late) when I opened the coded template, there were a number of areas that they had forgotten to code. They kindly said they would make the changes and got it back to me.

Then, thinking everything was OK, I went to work on the template in December just before our newsletter was to launch and discovered that they hadn't made all of the fixes. More importantly, the template looked fine in the editor but when it was sent out a lot of the formatting broke down entirely (fonts, colors, spacing, etc...). I have emailed them three times requesting assistance and I have not received any response.

Sadly, the hundreds of dollars that I spent on Pixel2HTML will probably be wasted since I don't know how to fix the formatting and coding problems. The fact that they are ignoring me is troubling. Fair enough that they come back to me and say it will cost extra but to simply ignore a customer is bad form.

So my advice is that you specify everything up front with Pixel2HTML and then check their work thoroughly right away upon delivery or else you could be in the difficult position that I am in today.

Rob Turlinckx

- 11/23/2012

These guys have done great jobs for me in the past. I can recommend their quality work and correct timings.

Marc C

- 07/31/2012

These guys are great! Excellent quality, without a doubt.


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