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Innovative, organised and creative. A flair for words, and a sense of humour.



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PRofessional email newsletters that will imPRess

  • Clean email template with colours and style to match your website
  • Inserting and editing content
  • Sourcing licensed images to enhance articles
  • Creative headings and subject lines
  • Photoshop work as required
  • Upload and segment database as required
  • Supply stats summary
  • Test and schedule newsletter
  • Autoposting to Facebook and other social media

The Choice is Yours! - we can do the lot, or - we can design a professional template, and educate you how to DIY with our 40 minute video course.

Please call for a chat to discuss your circumstances.



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- 03/11/2015

When I initially engaged Peter to design a monthly newsletter for me I wasn't sure what to expect. But I was delighted with the result. Peter's creative talent turned my somewhat mundane articles into an interesting newsletter. He added catchy headings, relevant images and an entertaining joke for those who read to the end.

I've had lots of positive feedback from clients who've received my newsletters, including some I had not heard from in ages. Peter has certainly taken the pain out of marketing for me.


- 03/04/2015

I can confidently recommend any of my clients to Peter. He has an eye for detail, which as a designer - I find is rare and highly valuable, especially for email templates. He knows what he's talking about, I haven't been able to stump with a MailChimp problem yet. 5 stars!!


- 03/03/2015

It is a pleasure working with Peter, Peter gives ideas & insight into what the readers will engage with, and has an eye for a balanced layout. I really didnt need to provide anything other than our images and reading material, and Peter does also has images available.

He also offers ways of making for a positive read which is a must have for any blog or newsletter.

I trust anyone would find they'll be more than satisfied with Peters project outcomes.


- 02/27/2015

Peter's Mail Chimp newsletters have achieved instant results for our business. He's got a unique ability to deliver information through this tool in a format that truly engages the reader. Our readers always comment on the joke at the end of our newsletter and this is how we know they are reading to the end. If they remember the joke they should remember us. Peter's definitely the clever Chimp in the Chimp community.


- 02/26/2015

For too long I knew I had to develop strategies to keep in touch with my data base to maintain a relationship with them as well as to build trust. I sought the assistance of Peter as I knew he was an expert in this area. It was such a relief to have a professional take over this side of my marketing. He creatively and professionally designed the Mail Chimp template or my business as well as providing expert advice on content and layout. I now have a consistent email marketing and relationship building platform that has significantly increased my client base and turnover. The opening rate of my newsletters is exceptionally high which is very pleasing.

Apart from Peter's expertise in Mail Chimp and marketing, he is such a great person to work with. It's very rare that you get the combination of technical expertise, marketing knowledge, creativity and a tremendous "bloke" in the one person.

You will never be disappointed working with Peter.


- 02/26/2015

I can’t speak highly enough of the services provided by Peter from Pierre PR in looking after our newsletter. We simply provide the basic content and Peter does the rest. He sources relevant photo’s, comes up with additional content headings and blurb’s as required, provides suggestions for grammatical errors and content and is pro-active in adding a point of difference, such as inserting a joke or a staff profile to the newsletter. Peter’s communication, timeliness and knowledge in areas such as social media has resulted in increased responses from those receiving the newsletter and has made what was once a cumbersome task so easy.


- 02/26/2015

I have been using Pierre PR's "electronic fridge magnet" for more than three years now to inform all my clients with a professional looking, polished concise newsletter each month. My aim is to alert clients to new issues, tips on managing their risks and educate them about insurance covers available to them to protect their livelihoods. It keeps me in touch with the clients and gives them a bit of a laugh with a joke. Peter Giesemann puts it altogether, keeps control of the database and arranges everything at a relatively small cost. Thanks for the great work Peter!

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