Paul Jarvis

I help folks take advantage of the advanced features they're already paying for in MailChimp.


You’ve heard it all before. Mailing lists:

  • Drive growth and often account for a huge percentage of business revenue.
  • Are the best way to continually engage with an audience.
  • Are the one thing most business owners say they regret not starting sooner.

Google it. There are exactly 268,000,014 articles about why your business needs a mailing list. But how to develop and use it?

  • “Write great content” isn’t the most useful advice, because how many people put “write awful content” on their to-do lists?
  • Adding popups, modals and nags can be helpful… but they can also be seriously annoying if they’re not done correctly.
  • Most tutorials and articles mention techniques like segmenting, automation, triggers, and A/B testing, but they never explain how to actually implement these features without hiring a fancy (expensive) expert.

Take your mailing list from echo chamber to your most valuable business asset. Introducing Chimp Essentials.

Chimp Essentials uses videos and code snippets to walk you through advanced (and seemingly complicated) MailChimp features that can help you engage and grow your audience.


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- 03/28/2016

Paul has helped me see the value in using MailChimp for my business and has provided me with the step-by-step process how to setup my e-mail automation.

Thanks Paul!

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