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Designs + codes for happy results with email, website, branding, social media, and business cards.

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Get MailChimp Expert help to:

  • Create Email Templates, mobile-friendly, drag and drop responsive design, for ad hoc marketing, transactional, and RSS-feed email updates.
  • Connect Wordpress Website ecommerce with MailChimp for WooCommerce, PayPal and Stripe.
  • Create Abandoned Cart email to remind customers what they’ve left behind and encourage them to complete their purchase.
  • Create beautiful, personalized order notifications marketing automation that match your branding and recommend related products. Includes Order Confirmation, Shipping Confirmation, Order Invoice, Cancellation Confirmation, Refund Confirmation, and Product Review for feedback with a quick survey.
  • A/B test subject line, send time and day, layout for improved engagement.
  • Automate welcome emails.
  • Review results (open and clicks)
  • Sending email campaigns.
  • Match your brand identity.
  • Upload and segment subscribers for specific lists and groups and interest, and clean soft and hard bounce emails addresses.
  • Add sign up links and forms to your website, social media, emails.
  • Connect and integrate to Eventbrite to accept payments, survey, and social media.
  • Responsive design makes it easy to view text and images on big and small screens since the layout changes are based on the aspect ratio and screen size.

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Based in Europe (Paris, Madrid, Zürich) and the US (New York, Charlotte, NC) working for clients worldwide (mostly in the USA).

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- 07/09/2018

Nicolai helped us solve segment our clients into auto update lists very pragmatically and in a quick and responsive manner. He gave good inputs and was very engaged. Highly recommended!


- 11/27/2017

Nicolai did a great job on this project and his turn-around time was awesome. I've used many different ways to interact with technical experts like Nick and the fact that I could call him on the phone and talk with him definitely streamlined the process. I'll use Nicolai again in the near future.



- 02/03/2016

Nick is a wonderful person to work with! He is always patient, he listens, and what he says he will do he does and does well. I enjoyed working with him. Nick helped us through a complex set up of our email system, making sure the right people were selected for the correct products. It works beautifully!


- 01/10/2016

Nicolai helped us create our first newsletter campaign. We provided him with our design idea and he was able to turn it into a functional newsletter template for our nonprofit. He met our VERY tight deadline and all our requests. In the end, we were extremely pleased with the finished product! Our open rate was over 45% and clicks, 16% - great results! If you want results and sound input, we highly recommend Nicolai - professional and knowledgeable in his craft!


- 01/08/2016

Nicolai was incredibly valuable in creating our first ever campaign for Oliver Cabell. Not only did he work tirelessly when we needed him, he also helped us achieve over 50% open rating and 15% click rate. These are more then double our industry average. I would strongly recommend Nicolai to anyone who wants things done correctly and in a timely manner.


  • Founder of Oliver Cabell


- 01/07/2015

Nicolai helped me get my email marketing campaign going with MailChimp a couple of years ago. I was a novice, and knew I needed help. He delivered back then, and still monitors my activity and offers suggestions as I move forward.


- 10/21/2014

Nicolai's sense of clean design, ability to work virtually, deep knowledge of art / photography / design communications has made him a winner with us! He has amazed me with the solutions to visual email / social media marketing. I'm happy with "Happy Nick":)


- 07/15/2014

Hard working, flexible and perfectionist to make the customer happy. Really happy with Nicolai and his approach.


- 07/04/2014

Nicolai was knowledgeable, creative and a pleasure to work with. All work was finished either on time, or ahead of its due time. I continue to work with him concerning my social media needs. I can't recommend him highly enough.

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