Digital agency that speaks through code & design

Neuralab is an interactive design & development agency focusing on emerging web & mobile technologies.

We can help you build a stronger online presence by integrating MailChimp and Mandrill services into your digital products.

Newsletter & marketing email integration is done by analyzing your business needs and then implementing designs, your content (from any type of office files) and actionable items into beautiful campaigns that are sent in manner which is appropriate to your target audience.

Once sent, we constantly monitor and analyze successes of sent newsletters. Also, we will further work with you on optimizing any future campaigns based on our previous results.

If you need solutions that are more technical in nature, we will help you by integrating Mandrill transactional emails service into your own products. Our expertise can cover Microsoft.NET, PHP, Flash and JavaScript integrations so feel free to contact us if your email sending needs require special attention.


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