We are a multitasked and goal oriented team


+351 217 828-100

We are specialists in managing all MailChimp features, such as template production, managing integrations, providing email marketing services, training, and support to our customers.

Netopolis has over 20 years of experience in giving the best customer experience to thousands of loyal clients in Portugal.

We are also specialised in implementing Marketing Automation, Email Marketing and Landing Page platforms as well in providing consulting and training services to enable our customers to make the best possible use of these digital marketing tools.

The Netopolis team is composed by Engineers, Marketers, Designers and Copywriters that are truly focused to combine their expertise to help customers achieve their goals.



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- 01/13/2014

Netopolis has been an excellent partner, and has helped us improve our Digital Marketing strategy including optimizing our management processes leads and business opportunities. We have great confidence in the work of Netopolis and we know we can always count on their support.

Andreia Calça - Sales Manager Voxtron Iberia

- 07/18/2013

Netopolis displays an extraordinary “Know How” in Digital Marketing! We have worked with them for a long time and the results are impressive.

Their suggestions in the strategy we should implement, has produced excellent results, and they also assist in recommendations that improve communications with our customers every day.

The team is very energetic and always ready to help.

Congratulations on your team´s work and dedication!

João Gonzaga - BMW Group Portugal

- 06/25/2013

BMW´s experience in collaborating with Netopolis to manage our email campaigns and newsletters has been fantastic! The Netopolis Team has many innovative ideas and working with them has been an enriching experience. They are sensitive to our needs and always provide answers to our urgent requests. This trusted partner focuses on high level email marketing strategies which can be challenging and we appreciate the support that Netopolis provides to help meet our goals.

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