Mity Digital

Web developers taking your site further with the MailChimp API.


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With over a decade of expert experience, Mity Digital are your specialists for evolving your site to the next level.

We code an awesome user experience for your visitors, while creating a smarter back end for you to make managing your website and email marketing easier, more streamlined and in sync.

You'll often find us playing in the MailChimp API playground, monkey bars and all, developing something chimptastic.

Whether you need to collect registrations on your site and keep your subscribers site in sync with MailChimp, or maybe dynamic management of groups for list segmentation and business growth, Mity Digital have you covered. We love pulling our sleeves up and getting stuck into some code to create a smarter system to help your business be the best it can be online.

Contact us today to find out how our Australian development team can help your business build an awesome online system any chimp would be proud of.


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