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The challenge

Most business people know that a well-executed email newsletter is a valuable marketing tool. Done well, it keeps contacts warm, lets them know what else you do, and makes it more likely they will refer you or call when they need more of what you can provide.

Done badly, it is an annoying waste of time, and can even get your email address blacklisted, leaving your business cut off completely.

Copying and pasting into Outlook simply won’t do it. And while there are plenty of newsletter programmes out there, you probably don’t have the time to invest in learning how to use them effectively.

**A simple solutionXX

Let Merrie Marketing take care of your email newsletter for you. As official Mail Chimp Experts, we can sort out your contact list, help with content, ensure emails are scheduled on a regular basis and give feedback on campaign performance. Leaving you to deal with the resulting calls and emails.

There's real value in having us manage your email marketing, as every step is planned by a professional, qualified marketer. We think strategically about what you want to achieve, and how your campaign fits in with your other marketing efforts; if there's something else you ought to be doing to maximise impact, we'll recommend it. Once the campaign is running, our busiest customers often opt for our extra monthly report on open rates and click-throughs, with valuable feedback on which services or products the readers are most interested in.

Whether you need gentle hand holding to get started, or would like to completely outsource the task, our range of flexible packages provide the answer. Call now on 01452 223306 to find out more - and get that email newsletter off the “to do” list.


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