Cape Town, SA team with experience in MailChimp template design, support, API development and more.




LightSpeed are end-to-end MailChimp Experts and we’re here to help you.

Looking for full-service support for your email strategy, design, or data analysis? Our team are experienced MailChimp users and can help your business make the most out of the world’s favourite email marketing service. We specialise in WordPress and WooCommerce integrations.

Our MailChimp Skills

Whether you’re just starting out with MailChimp and need some pointers or are a seasoned user who needs some extra muscle in building your own template or API, we have the capacity to help. Check out our dedicated MailChimp service page, or read on to see how we can help make MailChimp work for you.


Have a WooCommerce shopping campaign running alongside your MailChimp newsletters? We excel at integrating WooCommerce and MailChimp, helping you to crunch numbers, improve your content, and better use MailChimp to sell your products online.

API Development

Whatever the applications are that your business uses, you can hire us to create a custom integration to make the MailChimp API work with it, seamlessly.

Custom Template Design

We can create beautiful email templates from scratch, improve your existing email template’s design or rework old templates to ensure they are fully responsive.

Email Strategy

Our team will help you to get the most out of email marketing to your audience by ensuring that your communication strategy speaks their language and is finely-tuned to their niche interests.

Training & Support

If you’re in need of training resources or hands-on support with your MailChimp account, our team provides 1-on-1 training sessions as well as webinars to help you make the most of MailChimp and all its advanced features.

For more information, check out the LightSpeed website or to contact us directly, shoot us an email.



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- 06/01/2018

Great service & highly competent team.


- 03/20/2018

The team at Lightspeed are professional, organised and very good at what they do. It was a pleasure to work with them on a project to create, update and streamline our mailing lists on Mailchimp.


- 06/06/2017

I went for training with Iggy, and he was amazing! Thank you Lighspeed, we will certainly be using you again.


- 09/23/2016

We love our Email Template design - it's a very neat design and fits well with our corporate identity.

We regularly send email campaigns to send to our member list. The system in place is very efficient and we have had good feedback from our members on this.

We have ongoing support from LightSpeed when and where needed - support is always available and very efficient.

We received one-on-one training on how to use MailChimp effectively and any additional training we may need is always available.


- 04/29/2016

LIghtspeed is managing the mailchimp account on behalf LH InTouch. The tasks include, RSS campaigns, List segmentation, Integrate WordPress plugin called AutoChimp - it synchronises the WordPress users with the MailChimp subscriber list - and template design. They offer on going support wherever needed.


- 03/29/2016

Lightspeed has provided ongoing support to us after initially redesigning our website. They have helped with RSS campaigns, newsletter design, regular newsletter support and template changes and have always done their best to solve any queries we have had. I would recommend their services.

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