Kempen Automatisering

Providing fully fledged custom backoffice systems integrated with MailChimp platform


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Platinum FileMaker Developers

No matter what kind of business you have or how complex your business activities are; we will ensure that IT structures are easily integrated into your business processes. We do this using FileMaker Pro, the powerful and tested database software that over 8 million professionals rely on every single day.

Developers of the FM CHIMP product

FM CHIMP connects your new or existing FileMaker Pro solutions with the MailChimp platform. Lightning fast & rock solid: server sided technology offering fully automated exchange. Offering a powerful alternative instead of error-prone client sided solutions. Fusing the world's most user friendly databases with the world's most powerful email marketing solution. In 2014 FM CHIMP was added to the MailChimp integration listing.

FM CHIMP allows you and your customers to harness the powerful serves of MailChimp. Avoiding high upfront development cost and heavy changes to the FileMaker solution of choice. The integration is setup with the absolute minimal effort in mind for the developer.

Why do the developers at Kempen Automatisering love working with FileMaker Pro so much? Simple. Because it contains everything a professional company could possibly ask for. FileMaker Pro allows us to quickly write beautiful and user-friendly applications.

For our clients FileMaker means a great deal of ease, flexibility and simplicity without being incomplete. And that’s a pretty unique combination. No wonder that millions of professionals trust this tried and tested database software every single day. Governments, businesses and the education sector use FileMaker to manage their information effortlessly under Windows, on a Mac or on the internet. Find out what FileMaker Pro can do for you.



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