Juliet Fay Consultancy

I specialise in helping rural businesses & projects learn how to use email marketing effectively.


I offer 1:2:1 tuition in setting up and using MailChimp for email marketing or internal communications.

We can meet in person if you are in the Carmarthen area or via internet link for anywhere else in the world.

If you'd like help for your business or staff, contact me to arrange a live training in Wales and surrounding counties or via live internet link elsewhere in the world.

FREE library of articles on marketing including practical tips on using MailChimp, email marketing DOs and DON'Ts and building a customer base of raving fans: www.onlinesalesmessages.com.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JulietFayMarketing/#

Look forward to connecting with you!


Please contact me via email or Facebook message so we can have a chat.



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