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Digital marketing agency skilled in messaging, email design, list management and reporting




Who is Jelly Marketing?

Jelly Marketing is a Canadian digital marketing agency in Abbotsford British Columbia. We want to ensure every company and organization performs digital marketing and PR techniuqes strategically and effectively.

What can we offer you on MailChimp?

We love MailChimp for email marketing. It allows us the flexibility to shift with our client's growth, the power to engage subscribers with their interests, and the reliability to ensure the email reaches the inbox of those who want them. The services we offer for email marketing include:

  • Initial setups including workflow and user training
  • CASL and CAN-SPAM compliant List Acquisition
  • List Management Strategy and Implementation
  • Messaging and Newsletter Template Designs
  • Event Promotion
  • API Integration with the latest marketing, management and reporting tools
  • Consultations

We can help you at any stage of your marketing. Contact us today!

About Jelly Marketing

As experts in Digital Marketing and PR, Jelly Marketing provides clients with brand awareness solutions through the following primary services:

  • Social Media
  • PR Campaigns
  • Digital Advertising

To support these for opt-in groups and event notifications, Jelly provides the following services:

  • Messaging Strategy
  • Email Design and Development
  • Website Design and Optimization
  • Content Production including Videography, Photography, Graphic Design, and Blogging.


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- 04/20/2015

Communication for the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference in 2015 was an essential task, we hired Jelly Marketing to manage all aspects of our e-mail marketing from pre-event e-mails, to info-mails and feedback e-mails.

The team was extremely professional and fun to work with. In fact we're very much looking forward to working with Team Jelly on the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference in 2016.

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