Jeff Kew

Email Marketing & Automation Services. Since 2002.

I started helping my clients back in 2002. I've been behind the scenes building campaigns for my clients ever since.

Have you taken Mailchimp as far as you think you can? Need marketing automation and not sure how to do it? Need lead scoring or salesforce integration?

I can help you evolve your automated marketing campaigns and ensure CAN-SPAM compliance.

My consulting services are for SMB's to SME's interested in taking advantage of Mailchimp's ongoing automation improvements and prepared to invest in their business.

*If you're just getting started with Mailchimp, you'll need to keep in mind that while the Mailchimp service is inexpensive, consulting is not.

A hammer is a tool that is inexpensive. The carpenter you hire to wield it, is not.

If you would like to live in a solid home, hire a good carpenter.


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