Ivory Consulting

We have 5+ years of experience in creating custom web / mobile apps and integrations with MailChimp.

Need help with a specialized integration with MailChimp or Mandrill? We have extensive experience working with MailChimp and Mandrill API.

We help you eliminate repetitive tasks through automation and other magical things. You should not have to waste your time on these tasks.

In order to save our own time, we have among other things, created the mobile app ChimpStats that provides quick access to key figures of our campaigns.

Our latest project is Coupon Carrier for MailChimp. A service that allowes you to add a unique coupon/promo code to each new subscriber instantly when they subscribe. Read more about it on the Coupon Carrier website.

Need to get hold of us quickly? Contact @jonashickisch on Twitter and we will help you out ASAP.

Who are you guys?

We are a Swedish design and development consultancy that uses technology to solve problems for both businesses and entrepreneurs. Our focus is to collaborate with you to ensure that you will achieve your goals and objectives of your business. To solve the technical problems, we have many years of expertise in the development and design of web and mobile applications.



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