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We're Indiemark, a dedicated email marketing agency who will help you generate more revenue and loyalty with MailChimp.

Winning Strategies - Practical guidance to help you maximize every opportunity and avoid every risk.

Custom Templates - We design, code and install responsive and mobile-friendly emails that perform beautifully.

Automation - Strategies, content and set-up to help you make the most of MailChimp Autoresponders.

Integrations - We're experts at integrating the MailChimp API with, well, anything!

Full Service - Outsource all (or part) of your email marketing to Indiemark. We've got you covered!

Expert Discount Program Approved - Get 3 months of FREE MailChimp services on completion of your project with Indiemark!

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Seth, Premium Domains

- 02/08/2014

The guys and gals at Indiemark were incredible! They are very easy to work with and they just seem to know what we needed without us having to ask. Like I said they are incredible.

Mark Ramirez

- 11/05/2013

Indiemark has been really great. They've helped us with our design and technical limitations and provided us with straight forward marketing advise which in the end has resulted in a very nice lift in our ROI and appreciation of MailChimp.

JWS Insurance

- 10/25/2013

We've been very please with Chris, Scott, Evan (et al). They're a smart group that "got us" right away. They knocked the ball out of the park and the cost was frankly much lower than we had expected, which is always nice. Two thumbs up!

Isabella Harris

- 10/03/2013

As an traditional agency, we work with a very diverse client base, from large to small and niche to general, and Indiemark has supported us every imaginable "email" level. We love love love those guys and gals.

Jonathan Schwartz

- 02/29/2012

Scott lives and breathes email marketing. He is a true Subject Matter Expert in the field. This is especially true with MailChimp. From template customization to high level email marketing strategy, Scott can provide exactly what your business needs.

Vince D

- 02/21/2012

Scott tackled a small project for me and did it with style!

Nothing was too much trouble and the end product looked great and has been working well ever since. He even helped out with some minor tweaks a long time after the final product was delivered!

I highly recommend Scott to anyone!

Kathleen Peters,

- 01/18/2012

I highly recommend Indiemark for companies large or small. I worked with Scott on several email projects, for some of our biggest clients - and he always makes us look good!

Mike O

- 01/15/2012

I've known Scott for many years, I trust him, his work, and know how dependable he is! I highly recommend him and trust his services!

Lisa Remington

- 01/15/2012

Indiemark has been a lifesaver! We all get into the situation where a client wants something done ASAP. I can always depend on Indiemark. Indiemark completes work on time, delivers on time and is responsive to our needs. Their designs are professional, and well thought through. I could not be happier.

Adam Q. Holden-Bache

- 01/14/2012

I've collaborated with Scott and the Indiemark team on numerous email marketing campaigns. I've always enjoyed the experience and ended up with a high quality product. I'd recommend them to anyone- you won't find a more knowledgeable and friendly development partner anywhere.

Luke Glasner

- 01/13/2012

Scott and his team at IndieMark make some of the best creative I have seen. Plus they're no slouches at technical issues either. I would recommend them to any MailChimp user.

Jordie van Rijn

- 01/13/2012

Every time I have collaborated with Scott and the Indiemark team he has shown to be very easy to work with and has a high level of understanding and e-mail marketing knowledge.

Scott has the ability to create stunning designs and is a respected member in the email marketing community. The might just be the go-to guys for you too, but don't hog all the teams time because i'd also still like to work with them :)

Samantha Iodice

- 01/13/2012

I highly recommend Indiemark because they are not only immensely knowledgeable regarding everything email, they're an amazing group of people. You can't go wrong with talent that has a lot of personality!


- 01/12/2012


John Getze

- 01/12/2012

Scott and the Indiemark team possess a deep understanding of how to leverage email to effectively communicate with customers. Hip, creative and extremely savvy.

Jason Hopper

- 01/12/2012

Scott's expertise in email marketing helped my start up business tremendously by making simple, quick work of E-marketing. It allowed me to focus on other areas of my business while reaching my targeted, prospective clients. The whole point being to work more efficiently and for me to stick to areas I was good at! I have seen an increase in business and new clients since implementing the use of Scott's suggestions, and it has become a integral part of my process of day to day business. I would recommend Scott and Indiemark to any business owner, whether you're just doing follow up letters to clients, or your launching your biggest marketing campaign to date.

Bryan Quilty

- 01/12/2012

Scott is an expert in all things email marketing. From his insight & opinion, design skill and consulting knowledge, he is a force to be reckoned with. I have worked with Scott numerous times and each time has been pleasant and eye-opening.

Peter Sutherland

- 01/12/2012

I got in touch with Scott from Indiemark several years ago. We are a small company from the land of ice and snow (aka Canada) - but Indiemark has always treated us like a large one - really fast (and friendly) service and very reasonable rates.

They know their stuff inside and out and I would certainly recommend them to anyone.

Hilary Badoian

- 01/12/2012

From start to finish Indiemark was professional, understanding, creative, and timely. We continue to work with Scott and his team and I'd highly recommended them to others. I am so glad I found them through MailChimp and we are now working with them in other capacities for our marketing efforts.

Judi Knight

- 01/12/2012

New Tricks is a WordPress web development company and we tried to create our own newsletter template. But, I learned that e-mail html is not the same animal as the html we use on a day to day basis.

Could we have learned it. Most certainly. Was that a good use of our time. No. Instead, we turned to Indiemark to get the job done.

Indiemark created our custom newsletter template and then gave us the scoop on how to get started with our newsletter campaign. Our, Just a Digital Minute which comes out each and every Wednesday with one social media tip, is now a huge lead generator for us. Everyone loves it. Oh and by the way, Scott also came up with the name.

If you are looking for something special and help with your e-mail marketing, Indiemark is the best.

Jeff Ginsberg

- 01/12/2012

We were running a project for a client on MailChimp. After hours of pulling our hair out Scott was able to come to the rescue and provide insight and training that saved the day.

I highly recommend using his services for email marketing and especially anything to do with MailChimp.

Louis Carter

- 01/12/2012

Scott is an absolutely brilliant designer. He has a rare ability to create websites and interfaces that are extremely user friendly, fun, and forward-thinking. He truly is a rare find. I encourage you to engage with him -- he is truly one of the very best in the world when it comes to designing on the web - and I have worked with 100s of web designers!

Ian Framson

- 01/12/2012

We retained Indiemark to consult on marketing and email best practices.

As part of this engagement, Indiemark designed and produced beautiful and professional custom MailChimp email templates. We have integrated these templates into our customer notification system and they are now a critical part of our communication process.

Indiemark is a highly ethical, professional, trustworthy, and reliable organization. They are a pleasure to do business with and we highly recommend their services. Special thanks to Scott Hardigree for his patience and expertise.

-Ian Framson CEO

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