Hub 81

Helping those with big ideas grow through integrated marketing communications.


We are HUB 81, the Central Coast's pioneer Hispanic marketing and communications agency blending strategic capabilities with a passion for all things digital + multicultural + creative.

Brand-- A hub of creativity and ideation, we partner with our clients to craft meaningful interactions in a world of similarity. Our approach is based on an unwavering commitment to engaging in the development of deep brand experiences.

Social-- Communicating with your audience can help propel your brand into new levels of recognition and preference. A simple social media strategy won't work because building a thriving community of brand advocates takes passion, know-how, and a consistent touch of human relations.

PR-- Individuals and brands alike are required to carefully manage the variables that influence their ability to create awareness and foster audience engagement. The speed at which we consume media places an increased importance on the role of strategy, vision, and PR savvy.



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