Offering web services and digital marketing to small businesses in Wales


greenweeds offer training and assistance in building mailing lists, designing email templates and creating campaigns. We have delivered MailChimp training courses to a range of small businesses in West Wales.

We can offer advice on subscription marketing and how to build your customer base through the medium of email newsletters; how to find out what works and what to avoid. Lorraine has a Diploma in Digital Marketing awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and has been working in the Internet industry since 2000.

We're happy to set you up on the right track or to assist you in the management of your campaigns and lists on an agency basis. Contact us for a no obligation discussion of your requirements and how to meet them using MailChimp. In Wales and needing a method for supporting bi-lingual mailings? No problem, get in touch.

We stick rigidly to Mailchimp's terms of service. This means that we can't help you with loading up email lists that have not been legitimately sourced, and will insist on helping you to clean your list before undertaking a mass list creation!

We are best equipped to assist small companies just starting out with MailChimp and wanting to get everything set out correctly from the start to maximise the impact of their mail campaigns.


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