Greenlight Email Marketing

Full Service Email Marketing - Design, Content, Delivery & Reporting

We help businesses increase their impact via the inbox by assisting a business with targeted email marketing.

We've found that many business owners recognize that they should be communicating with their customers, clients and prospects about their industry, their projects and their team but they just can't get started.

For most of our customers, they simply don't know how, they don't know what to say or they just don't have time consistently write and design a marketing email.

We partner with companies to use email as a targeted marketing tool. We work together to identify the goal of the email marketing - for some companies it increase retention of current customers, in other cases it it to increase the awareness of the full scope of work the firm handles and for some they realize they need to stay steadily in front of those they want to do business with.

After we identify the objective - we provide a custom design, we write the content, we handle the delivery to your list and then provide analysis to let you know how the email performed.

Our Services:

  • email newsletters
  • drip email campaigns
  • email courses
  • lead nurturing

Email Design

  • Email Newsletters
  • Event Announcements


  • Custom HTML Email
  • PSD to HTML Email


  • Email Marketing Copywriting
  • Email Marketing Images


  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Subject Line Analysis
  • Open Rate Review
  • A/B Testing


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