GenovaWebArt is a web agency that specializes in Shopify.

GenovaWebArt is an official Shopify expert, specializing in Shopify development, design and marketing. We provide a number of Shopify services, including the integration of MailChimp features.

Based on our experience and our clients' requirements we are using MailChimp, because it's the best email marketing platform. We help our Shopify customers integrate MailChimp with their e-commerce websites. We also adjust and launch email campaigns.

The services GenovaWebArt provides:

  • Integration of MailChimp with the Shopify platform.
  • Design of templates.
  • Creation of new templates from scratch.
  • Converting templates(psd, ai, sketch) to MailChimp.
  • Tweaks of existing templates.
  • Creation of subscribers lists.
  • Email strategy and data analysis.
  • Connection of MailChimp with different applications.
  • Custom Shopify app development using MailChimp API.
  • Migration of a customer list from another platform.

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