Gauge Interactive

Our mission is to guide our partners through eCommerce business growth.



Who We Are

We specialize in eCommerce design and development. We desire to work closely medium-sized businesses to help them grow their online businesses.

What We Do

We really enjoy partnering with our retailers and we love what we do. Gauge provides services for B2C, B2B, and Omni-channel retailers. We design & develop the websites of brands known worldwide such as Rebecca Minkoff, MOSCOT, DANNIJO,, Carlo's Bakery (from TLC's show The Cake Boss) and many more.

Automated Workflow

We have experience leveraging Mailchimp's automation workflows through Magento and Shopify to gain ROI and focus on repeat customers. We use focused customer and purchase data to create custom email campaigns to engage with users throughout the customer lifecycle. We facilitate MailChimp integrations and campaign management only in conjunction with large implementation projects or on-going growth retainer agreements.



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