First Step Virtual Assistant

Specialises in MailChimp from branded templates to automation workflows.


I help businesses with their various MailChimp requirements;

  • Account set up and list integration
  • Branded template design/creation
  • Regular email creation and send out
  • Workflow Automation
  • Sign up forms and WordPress integration
  • Social media integration
  • MailChimp trouble shooting
  • 1:1 personalise Training in MailChimp
  • Small MailChimp Training Workshops

"I was having problems getting MailChimp to sync correctly with my website and just could not figure out how to fix it. I posted the question in a Facebook group that Anne & I belong to and she quickly responded to my dilemma. When I changed the initial things she suggested but still couldn’t get it to work, she offered to go in and check everything herself and get it working for me. Anne was so helpful and genuinely cared about getting things working, rather than just making suggestions and leaving me to flounder around on my own. If you want someone who gets things done then hire Anne!" Angela Ponsford, Dotti Media

Don’t let your customers get away. Send them regular newsletters to remind them you are there. Include in your content business changes, sales, special offers, events and exclusive promotions.

One of the most common mistakes businesses are making is solely relying on their social media platforms to communicate with customers. BUT, what happens if they all closed down tomorrow….you’ve lost your audience. The strategy with social media is to try and build your database, so you always have a customer database to liaise with.

Newsletters a great way to keep you in the forefront of a customer’s mind, and can be a great tool to drive the traffic to your website.



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