Finc3 GmbH

High-End CRM consulting and implementation in German or English

Finc3 is a consulting company based in Hamburg, Germany.

We specialize in high-end consulting in the areas of data-driven online marketing, CRM, SEO and analytics. In regards to Mailchimp/Mandrill we offer the following services:

  • CRM consulting: Analyzing your customer base and advise on segmentation for CRM action
  • Marketing automation: Defining complex email lifecycles and implement them via Mailchimp and/or Mandrill
  • Email template implementation: custom templates according to your design guidelines
  • Mailchimp API implementation: custom coding to allow you to leverage all Mailchimp features through their API
  • Mandrill API implementation: custom coding to allow you to leverage all Mandrill features through their API

Our clients include the top publishing houses in Germany, but also international startups and seasoned online businesses.

Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can support your business.



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- 09/27/2017

Very Professional and Honest Approach! I really liked this Team ! I highly recommend them!



- 03/27/2017

Finc3 contacted me within minutes after my request and my problem was solved most professionally and to my utmost satisfaction. Great service!


- 01/02/2017

My question was solved within minutes after my initial request. I received an honest answer which was actually a work around for my problem and didn't cost me a dime. Really glad to have chosen Finc3 for my question. Thanks again.


- 04/28/2015

The guys from Finc3 seems to know everything about Mailchimp (Frontend and API)! Top recommendation if you´re in trouble with automation, segmentation or Data-synchronisation. I was very impressed of all the new features and they supported us in using them in the most effective way! Thanks a lot!


- 04/22/2015

I've spoken with Bjoern on Skype and he answered all my questions about the MailChimp API and he sounded like he knew the API like the back of his hand. Very professional and considerate. Thanks, Bjoern!


- 03/26/2015

The people at Finc3 helped us a lot with setting up our email marketing and content marketing throught different countries. It was great working with them and increased the quality of our service considerably.


- 03/25/2015

Finc3 helped us on a very high level to set up our marketing automation process and prepared us for the future of data driven marketing. No matter whether you have a huge technical experience or you are a beginner - Finc3 finds solutions which match your business requirements.


- 03/25/2015

The guys at Finc3 are real experts, very problem solving oriented and helped us improve diverse issues e.g. how to best connect our shop system with Mailchimp. Thanks!


- 08/13/2014

We had a number of issues that we needed help with. The guys at Finc3 were extremely helpful in solving these issues. I can highly recommend the guys at Finc3!


- 06/27/2014

The Finc3 guys are awesome. We have made great experiences in working with them - they really gave us a kickstart in setting up Mailchimp properly and getting out most of the tool. I can highly recommend them!

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