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Language is a group of front-end developers with a huge experience in HTML email template coding. We love fast-loading, commented, and organized code. Our attention to detail is what will make your next campaign successful.

We manually test in 37 email clients and on 12 real mobile devices.

Some of the supported email clients: Apple Mail 9+ Outlook 2007+ Thunderbird (latest) Windows Live Inbox by Gmail (Chrome) AOL Mail Gmail Yahoo! Mail Gmail App (Android 4.4+) Outlook App (iOS 8+) Inbox by Gmail App Native Email App (iOS 8+)



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- 10/31/2012

I hear you


- 10/24/2012

Hi i have contact this website they are going great job with design but for html for email is too expensive for me. I have creatives and psd that i need to send 1 hr turn around and to pay $200 or more for next day is way to high. I m still using email craft for design but for coding i use they are the fastest out there and cheapest.

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