Email Marketing Virtual Assistant

Finally — the hands-on MailChimp help you need.

Are you a consultant, coach, other independent professional or agency using MailChimp and committed to a strong email marketing program to build your business? Stuck spending too much of your own valuable time fussing with the technical details?

Looking for an experienced implementation partner to get your messages out professionally and reliably and help you stay on track?

What I do:
  • Consult with you on an initial assessment, recommendations, and action plan. (Where you are with current setup vs where you need/want to be.)
  • Configure your list with appropriate fields, groups, and segments.
  • Customize your MailChimp signup forms and emails to complement your website and reinforce your brand.
  • Provide raw MailChimp code for you (or your web designer) to add signup forms to your website and Facebook, and work with you to test that integration.
  • Import your subscribers from another email service provider or offline signups (current, verifiable opt-ins only).
  • Create your newsletter template using one of MailChimp’s responsive drag-and-drop layouts, along with your color scheme, graphics, and content.
  • Set up your welcome series, nurture and drip campaigns, ecourses, and other autoresponders (aka ‘automation workflows’).
  • Layout and schedule your monthly, biweekly, or weekly newsletter/ezine/updates. (The copy is yours, but I can quick proof, polish, and make suggestions.)
  • Send you courtesy email reminders of upcoming content deadlines.
  • Provide monthly reports.
  • Apply best practices to ensure good list quality and deliverability.

Meanwhile you are freed up to concentrate on your own expertise and leadership.

Whether brand new to MailChimp or needing things shaped up, requiring a little help or a lot, there's a plan for you.

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