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★★★★★ Find Out Why. Full Service Since 2001. Includes Strategy, Content Ideas, Copy, Design, etc.

For 15 Years Companies Have Asked Us to Run Their Email Campaigns - Making Them Gobs of Money, And Ending Their Frustration. Why?

We might be right for you If you're trying to answer questions like:

  • Why are we trying to do this ourselves?
  • Do we really have the talent in house to be amazing at this?
  • Couldn't we use email to automate some of our sales and marketing tasks?


  • How do we grow our email list?
  • How do we create a drop-dead gorgeous design worthy of our brand?
  • How do we make our emails look great on mobile devices?
  • What should we say in our emails?
  • How often should we send email?
  • Will email marketing really make us better looking?

Email marketing on Mail Chimp ROCKS!

But you have to do it correctly to get the amazing results you desire.

And you may not have the time to master yet another thing. One of our clients has 700 employees and they've used us for 9 years because they can't do it cheaper or better themselves.

We offer full-service campaigns so you can spend your time on your core business, instead of trying to master (or stay current) on all-the-things email marketing. Don't you have enough to do?

Our full service approach includes:

  • Overall Strategy with 15 years experience
  • A dedicated account coordinator who knows you and your goals
  • List building techniques that work
  • Website integration handled by our IT magicians
  • Custom email templates tested against all email clients
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • 50 - 100 brand perfect content ideas to dazzle your audience
  • Copywriting in your voice
  • Graphic design that evokes and elevates your brand
  • Marketing automation to increase engagement and sales
  • Blog and social media integration - we work well with others
  • Reporting so you know whats going on
  • Regular strategic reviews
  • Blah, blah, blah

Basically, if you love the idea of outsourcing your entire email marketing campaign to friendly and enthusiastic experts for a fraction of the price of a single employee, we might be right for you. Don't worry - you still approve every message, but other than that we do all the work and you take all the credit.

Click through to our website for a video and more information.

You can also schedule a free 20 minute consultation to find out if we'd be a good fit for your firm.

Cheers to your email marketing success!

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- 02/02/2016

My name is Dave Basulto and I'm the inventor and founder of iOgrapher. I found Email Broadcast right here on the Mail Chimp experts page and I'm so glad I did.

We were running our newsletters on Mail Chimp which was great, but there was a LOT to learn if we wanted to do it well. I knew that email was going to be a key driver of business for us as an e-commerce site, but we weren't getting an email out consistently due to my hectic schedule and long list of urgent tasks. We also struggled for ideas, and our off-the-shelf template didn't stand up to our professionally designed website. So I looked for a Mail Chimp expert that might be able to support us.

I came across Email Broadcast and it seemed like the perfect match - but I've been duped before so I remained cautiously optimistic. Not only did they say all the right things, they have totally delivered - at a great value.

With 15 years of experience handling campaigns, they knew exactly what to do, and they have totally taken over.They asked a lot of questions and really listened and I can say that they "get" us. They handle everything from strategy, to coming up with new ideas, to writing the content, to designing a beautiful and responsive template, and even make custom images for each message.

The results have been nothing short of awesome. With their change in our email collection, 4.6% of our visitors are signing up to get email and our list has grown 655% in 9 months. Our open rate average is 40.1% and our click through rate is 10.0%.

What was a giant source of anxiety is now one of the smoothest parts of my business. I literally get sent a proof with next month's email and they are always spot on. I simply approve and get on with the rest of my business which is good as we just signed a deal with Best Buy and our product is flying out the door. The email goes out, and the orders come in. I would easily pay 3 times what Email Broadcast is charging me - just don't tell them that! If your final decision comes down to talking to someone like me about my experience, please feel free to get a hold of me.

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