ECommerce Partners

ECommerce Partners is a full service digital agency specializing in email marketing

We Specialize in Email Marketing for Ebusinesses

With ecommerce at the core of our corporate DNA, we offer end-to-end email marketing services and a large variety of email campaigns - all based on solid business principles and tailored to the needs of individual ebusinesses and their online shoppers.

Our services include:

Advising you on all matters related to email marketing optimization Planning your initial email marketing strategy and continuously refining it Generating and growing your opt-in subscriber lists Designing your corporate email look & feel and various templates Creating a yearly or bi-yearly editorial calendar Developing content (both visual and copy) Managing subscriber lists and regularly optimizing the database Testing and executing the campaigns using various platforms Live monitoring all campaigns Analyzing and reporting results *Leveraging test and campaign results for continuous improvements

We Offer a Special Brand of Email Marketing

At ECommercePartners, we don't consider email marketing yet another service in our portfolio. Rather, we leverage our own special brand of email marketing for online retailers to do this power tool justice.

A Dedicated Email Marketing Staff

We assign each client a dedicated email account manager. And we leverage the rest of our experienced staff to boost results. Our approach is entirely hands-on. We do not wait for you to come up with new topics, events, or content. Rather we do the job for you -- from beginning to end.

Our best-in-class strategies and years of experience are customized to fit your needs. ECommerce Partners will not only help grow your list but launch strategic Acquisition, Calendar and Lifecycle emails drive results for your email marketing program.



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