Daniele Sghedoni

Enabling digital transformation through collaboration tools and marketing automation processes

Thanks to my deep knowledge of internet technologies, I have been assisting companies in developing and maintaining their digital presence for more than 10 years (four of which - unforgettable - in close contact with all the major music labels), now focusing on ecommerce strategies and marketing automation processes.

You can find me as a teacher or as a speaker at IFOA, Inside Training, Creativity Day and a few others courses and events.

I'm here to help you with:

  • Create account, build campaigns, managing lists

  • Help your finding the right tools to create effective campaigns with no stress even if you're not a graphic designer

  • Enabling automation workflows for ecommerce websites, events, venues, blogs, etc.

  • Measure the impact of your campaigns with Google Analytics and custom dashboards to share real-time data with your company

  • Advanced integrations with your 3rd party platforms (as well it's a website, a CRM, a Google Sheets file, etc.)

  • Train you and your team how to do all of these things by yourself (more or less!)


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