I'm a freelance graphic designer working beside you in your email marketing.

Hello and thank you for checking my MailChimp expert profile!

I'm a graduated graphic designer with over 15 years of experience. I've been working with Mailchimp since 2010 (back when Freddie - Mailchimp's mascot - was a little monkey), assisting companies of different sizes with their email marketing needs.

What I can do for you:

  • Setup contact lists (how to import lists and making sure they comply with the anti-spam rules)

  • Create your subscribe forms and integrate with your existing website

  • Help creating your first campaign on Mailchimp (best methods, how to structure, the anatomy of a newsletter)

  • Design your newsletter while making sure it follows your company brand guidelines

  • Make sure your newsletter is sent at the designated date and time

  • Send you a results report (how many subscriber opened your email, how many clicks, where they clicked)

  • Going further: automate your email marketing / integrate Mailchimp with third-party software)

No matter if you just need a single newsletter done or to integrate Mailchimp in a mass campaign, I can help. Drop me an email to discuss your project.


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