Concept 5

Award-winning, strategic online marketing company based in Long Island, New York.




Concept 5 is an innovative team of experienced online professionals that develop email marketing tailored to your business objectives.

Our co-founders have 40 years combined experience running online marketing programs for major corporations.

Effective email marketing is in the details: tracking key analytics and measuring every campaign, testing subject lines and creative, personalization, calls-to-action and so much more.

ADVANTAGE: Concept 5 Email Marketing Services

  • Go beyond just email: we provide strategic coaching based on your top-level business goals

  • Flexibility: Select x emails per month or per quarter

  • You provide a content calendar and copy, or we collaborate to create together

  • Choose from MC templates or fully custom designs

  • Transform blog copy for email, or email copy for blog posts

  • Comprehensive reporting included for every campaign

Together, we can make your website and email marketing work for your business. We look forward to hearing from you!


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