Code in the Cold

I make WordPress Themes and Plugins -- especially MailChimp API ones!



I'm here to write code for pushing and pulling data between your WordPress site and your MailChimp account via API. Custom subscribe forms, subscriber data spreadsheets, campaign data tables -- you name it, I code it!


  • What does this cost?

My rate is $100/hr. I can develop an estimate for your project given some details. I'll begin work upon receiving half payment, deliver the work, and bill you for the second half.

  • Do I need to send you a username and password so you can access my account? If so, is this safe?

This is a fantastic question. If you are worried about this, then you are probably going to be a great client! I think if your endeavor is important enough for seeking expert help, then it's important enough to have a test account where I can enter and perform my work for your approval, before I ever access your live accounts, if I ever need to. If you don't want to bother having a test account, then you will have to be willing to add me as a user to your various accounts, possibly your MailChimp account, possibly your CMS or online store account, possibly your hosting account. I think this is best done over the phone.

  • Is this open source?

You should expect that any code I write could be re-used for any purpose, just as you are free to re-use it for any purpose.


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- 02/14/2017

I've worked with Scott Fennell a number of times on WordPress stuff. He's extremely knowledgeable and a good communicator. You can actually see for yourself, because he writes about advanced WordPress subjects on my site CSS-Tricks:

What I really like about Scott is that his experience is rooted in really solid client work. He has experience with lots and lots of WordPress sites and dealing with WordPress at scale.


- 02/14/2017

Scott is a deeply knowledgeable MailChimp developer, with a thorough understanding of the API, GUI, and integrating MailChimp's services with others. He's responsive and quick, and always willing to give you options before forging ahead.

Highly recommended.

J. Zachary

- 02/10/2017

Scott was knowledgeable, fast, and responsive. A pleasure to work with, and he got me to the right solution. I highly recommend him.

Friends of the

- 02/10/2017

I had issues with a custom mailchimp integration where I was upgrading from API 2 to 3 and couldn't figure out how to dump mailing address to our list. Code in the Cold helped me properly format the put call and dump the address as an array. Quick response time and the code was up and running that day so I could go skiing before it got dark. Highly recommended!

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