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We've helped tons of MailChimp clients as the top rated MailChimp Expert, and we can help you, too! Read our reviews below to see what our customers think...

ChimpChamp is a three-time MailChimp Integration Fund winner because we're that good at building MailChimp API integrations.

Custom API Development

We've done tons of successful MailChimp API projects so chances are we've already done one a lot like yours and already know how to fulfill your business needs. Contact us today about your project so we can give you a custom quote.

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  • Automation
  • Custom Web Development
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We've been building websites and marketing online for almost 20 years. And we've been working with MailChimp since 2008!

We have no doubt that we will help you improve your email marketing strategy (and even your overall business model) as a result of working together because of our extensive background in marketing, sales, email marketing, funnel optimization, etc.

We specialize in MailChimp, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Ecommerce, Rails and PHP projects.

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Startup Package

If you're new to MailChimp or are just looking for a full service solution, then this is the perfect package for you because we can help you with all aspects of your business inside this package.

MailChimp Training

If you need help learning MailChimp for the first time, or want to improve your skills to be more efficient and more effective, then this is the perfect package for you because we can help you take MailChimp to the next level.

MailChimp Templates

We offer a unique template design service that not only gets a brand new template designed for you, but also trains you on how to use the drag and drop editor. We'll build your template on a live screen share and even record the session for you for free!

MailChimp, WordPress, Shopify, Magento & WooCommerce Support

We specialize in WordPress, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and MailChimp, so if you already have an existing site that needs to be updated or want to create a new one, we can help. We can also help you integrate your new or existing site with MailChimp.

Email & Business Consulting

We are uniquely equipped to help you develop or improve your email and business strategy because our core team members have nearly 50 years of combined e-business experience! We can help with everything from simple list building to full sales funnels with complex automation logic.

Let us PROVE it!

We'll give you our #1 BEST Secret ("How To Increase Your Opens by Up To 60%") for free! And then once you see the value we can provide you, you can book your free consultation and know you're going to get even more value talking to our company founder one-on-one about your project.

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- 08/08/2017

Dustin did a great job! We needed to match the campaign IDs in Mail Chimp to Google Analytics, and we needed a programmer to go into the back end to pull out that info. Dustin did this job within a couple hours, and even reached out to Mail Chimp to get the credit for the job applied for us. Wonderful job all around. Definitely recommended.


- 04/18/2017

Dustin was great .....

Very nice, professional, and has a high IQ regarding Web Development related issues

I would highly recommend them for any person or Company

Very good

I give them 10 out of 10 !!!!



- 09/03/2015

Dustin and team did a great job kickstarting my MailChimp experience and within a few hours set me up and trained me to be self sufficient. Would reccomend them to anyone who is getting started and wants to become their own admin. Thumbs Up!


- 08/10/2015

Dustin helped me with something which frustratingly obvious within a matter of minutes. I really appreciate the level of support and expedience of the service. Note to Dustin direct line manager - Payrise for Dustin please.

Regards Leeman


- 07/25/2015

Dustin helped us write very detailed specifications for a MailChimp integration project. His experience and knowledge of MailChimp was amazing, and his attention to detail was exactly what we needed.

I would highly recommend his services. Dustin is as skilled as they come and great to work with. We would definitely hire him again.


- 07/14/2015

Dustin solved my issues without trying to sell me something that I didn't need! He's an ace. Great with communication, and awesome guy. So thankful!!

His Chimpchamp plugin was exactly what I was looking for, to allow people to sign up for multiple different groups on the same list. Works great!


- 07/03/2015

I am the founder of ChimpChamp and I'm posting this "review" in response to the review directly below. I hope you'll be able to look past the inaccurate and unfair comments from Stephan and make your decision to have us be your MailChimp Champions based on the dozens of happy reviews that follow...

It's unfortunate that Stephan has chosen to allow his emotions to cloud his perception of reality and slander my business in the process. You can see from the dozens upon dozens of glowing reviews below that Stephen's perception of our company is inaccurate.

Yes, I was curt and I think I hurt Stephan's feelings when I was unable to make our last meeting. I'm a single dad and my daughter was sick, so I needed to care for her. Stephen thought his scheduling issues were more important than my little girl's health, so I had to set him straight. I don't think putting my daughter first is wrong because I'm always more than willing to go the extra mile for my clients!

In the end, we did more than twice the amount of work they paid for because they were unorganized and confused and ultimately got too distracted with other things to continue the first time around. Nearly a year later they came back and we started the entire project over for them and gave them 100% of the value they originally purchased again - for free! But I guess it's true what they say . . . some people are never satisfied. ;-)

Fortunately, the other 300+ clients we've helped in the past 4 years are delighted with us. Please read some of the dozens of reviews below to get an accurate picture of the quality service we provide...

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!


- 04/12/2015

We chose ChimpChamp in part based on the great reviews. Unfortunately, our experience was exactly the opposite.

We frequently would complete our portion of a task and then not hear anything back until enough days went by and we had to prod them for it. The fact that much of their development team is outside the US and not native English speakers caused some misunderstandings.

When, after a hiatus, we pushed to get our project finished, Dustin was downright snarky. When we had to cancel a meeting, it is a huge imposition. When Dustin had to cancel a meeting we just need to understand.

The bottom line: if you follow their script, it can probably go well. If you want some cooperation, there will be rough seas.

In the end, we never did get exactly what we paid for. But the project took so long, we were able to teach ourselves how to finish the job and realized it would be easier to do that than to continue pursuing them.

We will be looking elsewhere next time we need a contractor.


- 06/13/2014

We have been evaluating a new CRM for our Customer Data and also needed a solution that would allow the integration with Mailchimp. Dustin has been most helpful in this evaluation process and with the integration to Mailchimp. We can highly recommend the consulting services from Dustin and his Chimp Champ Team! Thank you Dustin!


- 05/31/2014

Not only was Dustin INCREDIBLY knowledgable and helpful, he was UNBELIEVABLY generous with his time, patience and tech support (yes, I am yelling both of those things). I am deeply grateful for his awesomeness.


- 05/14/2014

"I'm very impressed with ChimpChamp because their team went above and beyond for me. Even though I only paid for 3 hours of support, they spent many more hours trying to fix a problem that was ultimately out of their control. Turns out my shopping cart doesn't actually do what it says it does, so they spent several hours trying to work with the cart's support department. In the end, my shopping cart simply wouldn't perform as advertised but ChimpChamp offered several work-arounds to get my goals accomplished, anyway. I highly recommend these guys because they work hard, they know what they're doing and more importantly... they care!"


- 04/24/2014

Quality work and solid project management.


- 03/24/2014

Chimpchamp was a delight to work with. From transferring email list from a different system to a brand new template design, each team member was professional, communicative, and very accommodating to changes we needed.


- 03/05/2014

These guys were great to work with! I had a complicated problem and after a couple days Kiyan was able to relay my needs with his team and get it solved! A pleasure to work with!

I'd highly recommend them for any mailchimp needs you might have, big or small.

Gretchen Hardey

- 02/25/2014

Your team was a great help to me in finishing our newsletter. Algis was patient, and didn't rush me, and was a great teacher of Mail Chimp. Great investment.

A. Hogan

- 02/18/2014

Dustin is a great listener and an excellent tech support professional. Appreciate his supportive, easygoing approach.

Anne Kaercher

- 02/17/2014

Thank you Dustin and Kiyan for the great work on such short notice! I was in a very tricky situation with not much time to resolve my issue and these guys saved my relationship with my client. Again, thanks for your diligence and detailed work. Looking forward to doing more business with ChimpChamp in the future!

Joanna Wiebe

- 02/05/2014

I'd been hoping to use eCommerce360 with MailChimp for a long time, but I use a cart/checkout -- WooCommerce -- that wasn't supported by the plugin. So I asked Dustin at ChimpChamp to quote on integrating WooCommerce and MailChimp so I could track paid conversions from my emails.

It was easy to schedule a quick pre-project consult with him... and - this is where it gets 5-star worthy - less than a minute into our chat Dustin was telling me about the plugins that already existed that could help me. He didn't try to sell me on a custom solution; he tried to HELP me, even if he wouldn't make a dime off it. I couldn't believe my ears. After the call, my team checked out the plugins he'd mentioned, and we were using one within a day of talking to Dustin.

If you want the RIGHT solution, the ChimpChamp team surely won't let you down. I hope I'll be able to hire them for something soon. :)

Alon Schwartz

- 12/10/2013

I would highly recommend Dustin and ChimChamp. He' and his team are extremely knowledgeable about MailChimp and explained things very clearly

Jillian Tohber Leslie

- 11/12/2013

If you're looking to create a newsletter on MailChimp, Dustin is your guy! He was so helpful and easy to work with and he walked me through how to set up my template (that I love by the way). I now have a template, but I also feel like I have the skills to use it.

Thank you, Dustin.

Delia Rincon

- 10/22/2013

I would highly recommend Dustin. He's very knowledgeable about mail chimp and always willing to research something that he might not be familiar with. Very pleasant to work with and efficient!


- 10/17/2013

Dustin totally hooked me up with a solution and major generosity. I had a simple problem (because I don't know what the hell I'm doing), and he just emailed me a link to an app and told me I didn't need to be a client of his. How often do people do THAT these days? I tell you one thing, if my business does grow to the point I need professional help, I'm not even going to THINK about going anywhere else. Thanks Dustin! With blessings and gratitude, Matthew


- 10/16/2013

Dustin made our move to MailChimp seamless -- integrating the program on our website and Facebook, assisting in a new template creation and list segmentation. He talked me through sending our first newsletter. I ran into a few bumps, so it was great to have his support.

I would recommend using ChimpChamp and working with Dustin!


- 10/10/2013

Dustin did a great job for us. We'd highly recommend him.

Matt Ortolani - MEPAlly

- 10/07/2013

SUPER fast response, extremely helpful and direct, very to the point and fixed my problem asap... Quick solution = happy users!!!

Great to work with and will consult again and often! You should too!!!


- 09/24/2013

Dustin did an amazing job on my project. I highly recommend him!!! He was professional and competent - what more could you ask for? Hire Dustin for your Mailchimp design/programming needs and you won't be disappointed.

Kyle Reid

- 09/09/2013

Dustin was able to identify my needs and if they where achievable in the MailChimp framework. What I wanted to do was not possible, but Dustin never said no. He was able to point me to another solution. Even though the solution didn't require his services, he sent me a followup email with more guidance.

What a great way to do business. Don't hesitate to reach out and inquire. He rocks.

Mike Kissel

- 09/03/2013

Dustin was very quick with a response to a "can we do this through API" question about subscription forms.

A simple no would have done, but Dustin is one of the good guys who went above and beyond by suggesting a potential solution using HTML5 since we couldn't accomplish what we were after.


- 08/30/2013

I've never met someone with more knowledge and follow through about the work he does. Dustin is time efficient and consistent to completion. It's no wonder he continues to get 5 star ratings!


- 08/20/2013

Dustin could have charged me a fortune to develop a custom app. Instead, he steered me to a low-cost solution offered by another company. Helpful and honest! If I need a custom solution in the future, I'm definitely keeping him in mind.


- 08/07/2013

Dustin integrated Mailchimp with my Shopify site, and patiently taught me how to create an email campaign (templates included!) + how to set up autoresponders for my business- all of which was giving me a huge headache in my eye. Thanks for helping me disguise my newbie-ness, Dustin!

Elaine Edwards

- 07/16/2013

Dustin with Chimp Champ did an amazing job! I am a marketing director with a background in advertising. Basically, I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous! Dustin helped me integrate with Facebook, website and set up an auto response in a quick, thorough and efficient manner. Thanks Dustin for your patience and hard work!

Rob Kelly

- 06/19/2013

We are a publishing company and we send out several newsletters each week. Dustin has been instrumental in helping us manage our subscribers and has showed us how to set up segments, create groups, increase our open rate, collect personal info and has showed us how to increase our total # of subscribers. Thanks Dustin! RK


- 06/16/2013

We needed a custom plugin that we could use across our wordpress websites. Very difficult job but well executed. He stuck with us through all the difficulties. Thanks!


- 06/12/2013

Dustin did a great job integrating multiple sites with both enewsletter sign up forms as well as settting up our Mail Chimp accountsd with Campaigns. He designed 5+ Campaigns and programmed RSS feeds as well!

Way to go Dustin!



- 06/11/2013

Reached out to Dustin for some help with what I thought would be custom coding. He told me what was possible in MailChimp and how I could use the mailchimp tools to make my project work AND come in below budget.

Thanks ROCK!!!

Teresa Murphy

- 06/11/2013

Dustin helped me immediately and quickly and for free with my MC headaches that had been plaguing me for two full days.

I exhausted all online documentation and forum support before reaching out for help. Kind of wish I'd reached out sooner, wouldn't have wasted two days.

I'm sure I'll be using some extended help from him moving forward as I have a fairly sophisticated group of sites and requirements that are a bit of a challenge to manage.

Now feeling much more confident moving forward with MC knowing there is reasonable and competent talent to engage with as needed!

And Dustin, thanks for listening to me vent! :)

Cheers, Teresa

Dave Simpson

- 05/18/2013

I told him I would spend WHATEVER it took, he heard that and still was honest enough to give me some free advice and point me in a direction where I didn't have to spend any money and could do it myself.

Dustin is one honest person with an insane amount of skills.

YOu can trust him with anything you need. He is the man.

Dave Simpson www.FundYourLife.Net

Eric M

- 04/11/2013

Dustin was the most responsive out of any MailChimp expert I queried.

He and his team were also able to meet the needs of my project regarding custom API (which others couldn't).

On top of that, he did it at a reasonable price.

Jill Caren

- 03/13/2013

Dustin has went way above and beyond in helping us setup our Mailchimp API so that we can target customers based on specific requirements. As a web designer, it is important to not only have great options for my clients in terms of keeping them up on the latest technology, but for me to have support to assist with these changes - Dustin and ChimpChamp have come through 1000x over.

I highly recommend him and his team and look forward to sending others his way since Mailchimp is not an area I am experienced in - it is so great to find a reliable partner!

Myra Harmer

- 03/08/2013

I am absolutely convinced that getting Dustin’s help with our website and marketing tools is the single best investment that we have ever made in our software business. In the course of about six weeks, Dustin has helped us move from a static website that had to be maintained by our web hosting company to one that is dynamic and easy for us to maintain. He has assisted us in completely automating the process of trial downloads, email marketing, and generating licensing keys for our software. In addition, he has set us up with technology that will streamline and dramatically simplify our customer support work.

We found working with Dustin to be just the right mix of consulting and mentoring. He has clearly researched the software products that are available for online sales and helped us to put together an optimal tool set for ease of use, affordability, and efficiency. Moreover, at every step of the way he has taught us how to use and maintain the tools so that we can be self-reliant and not dependent on him for support.

Dustin understands the value of his consulting work and has the confidence to ask for what it’s worth. It took us a couple of months to decide that we wanted to use his services. My only regret is that we did not start using him immediately.


- 02/27/2013

I began work with chimpchamp to redesign my newsletter, but ended up having them do a logo too. The logo turned out amazing! My newsletter took some time, but ended up turning out flawless and super professional. I'm super happy. They were very honest with me. Rather than take my money for an originally designed template, they advised me to find an existing template that was close to what I wanted and redesigned it to my specifications, saving me a few hundred dollars. Very much appreciate. They were more than generous with their time and got the job done to my exact specifications, even though they had to go over time. Very much appreciated!!!

Lothaire Ruellan

- 01/13/2013

I worked with ChimpChamp on a project to create a campaign management interface for MailChimp that integrates list of users provided by our Web Analytics platform. ChimpChamp developed this application using the MailChimp and Mandrill API. The application works exactly as requested. It was a very effective collaboration.

Top Dawg Marketing

- 12/18/2012

Chimp Champ did a great job setting up a PHP script for one of our client's email marketing campaign. They made the process seemless and easy for implementation! I would recommend Chimp Champ for anyone who is looking to get started with Mailchimp. Easy to work with. Thanks Chimp Champ!

-Top Dawg Marketing

Artem K

- 11/28/2012

Dustin delivered an easy to follow blueprint document that our developers used to successfully create a pretty neat integration between MailChimp and MS Sharepoint.

Look forward to more projects in the future!


- 11/07/2012

Excellent service, I am new in it. But I did not recognize yet, how to make my facebook link available in MailChimp List. I have found a lot of information how to connect Facebook with Mailchimp, but how to do the opposite, if I just need a link in my list? Sincerely, Maryna

Dan Linstroth

- 10/29/2012

Dustin and Chimp Champ provided the perfect solution for us.

We wanted to push Mailchimp a lot further and build out a series of event and time based email triggers for our multiple different kinds of users. Having a limited knowledge of Mailchimp and being the only marketer on a small startup team, hiring Dustin was a no-brainer.

Dustin's deep knowledge of Mailchimp's API made this possible and allowed me to focus on the email content, as opposed to the setup.

Dustin always responded quickly and provided excellent customer service. I highly recommend working with Dustin.

Jason Harper, Run Web Design

- 08/29/2012

We were in the process of moving one of our clients over to MailChimp for all their email marketing, but due to the complexity of their system, needed some help to figure out how to make it all click.

Dustin came on board and gave us a plan to work with, pointing us in the right direction for all the processes we needed to implement and was a great resource all the way through our development and implementation phases.

Couldn't recommend him highly enough; with his help we now have quite a sophisticated system humming like clockwork.

Ryan Vesler

- 08/24/2012

Dustin's thorough understanding of the MailChimp API helped us to seamlessly integrate our email marketing with our shopping cart.

He always responded quickly to inquiries and was very helpful across a variety of areas. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again!

Ben Scrivens

- 08/24/2012

Dustin's mastery of MailChimp and marketing has created an all-in-one solution for me and my business. I'm now able to market not only more effectively, but more efficiently thanks to his work. Even during the programming setbacks (none of which were his fault), Dustin remained the consummate professional and did whatever he could to ease and pain and frustration.

Rick Platzek

- 04/19/2012

As CTO for a start-up building a highly complex SaaS application, I wanted to make sure that the integration with a bulk email service was bullet-proof. In addition we had a requirement that the user only leave our site once to set up the MailChimp account and that all other interactions would be from within our application.

Dustin, being creative and having a deep understanding of the MailChimp API came up with a process that allowed us to accomplish all our goals and made some excellent suggestions about additional functionality we could include in our application.

Kudos Dustin! Thanks so much for all your help in defining how we could best go about leveraging MailChimp functionality for our application.

Rick Platzek CTO 2book, Inc.

Mike Kinsley

- 02/23/2012

Dustin did an amazing job for me, and he did it quickly. I am a journalist and needed a list serve. I tried to set it up myself with maillchimp and, although you advtertise it as being simple and easy to use, I found it daunting. But I got Dustin and ChimpChamp out of your experts directory, he quoted me a very fair price, and a week later I was all set. I heartily recommend him and his colleagues to anyone who needs this kind of help.

And, by the way, he is very honest. At first he said I shouldn't pay his fee but hire someone else who would be cheaper. I ignored this advice, fortunately for me.

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